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How to configure equipment in an energy-saving and environmentally-friendly gravel aggregate production line?

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Nowadays, there are more infrastructures all over the country. Whether it is road construction, bridge construction or construction, it is widely used in concrete, and concrete is a material with relatively low energy consumption. From this we can speculate that concrete still occupies an important position in the future development. Estimated concrete is now being consumed at a rate of about 5 billion tons per year. This is a huge amount of data and a huge business opportunity. Faced with such business opportunities, many companies have begun to invest in the sand and gravel aggregate processing industry, because sand and gravel aggregate is a major component of concrete.
How to configure the overall equipment of the sand and gravel aggregate production line to achieve the best? Usually the whole production line adopts coarse and fine breakage. Most of the coarse crushing is recommended to use the jaw crusher. The second-stage crushing adopts the counter crusher. The fine crushing adopts the sand making machine. The sandstone raw materials are mostly river pebble and basalt. Etc., the raw materials are sent to the jaw crusher through the vibrating feeder, and then sent to the counter-breaking or cone crusher for secondary crushing, and finally into the sand making machine.
How to configure equipment in an energy-saving and environmentally-friendly gravel aggregate production line?

The output and efficiency of the entire production line is mainly based on whether the equipment configuration of each link is reasonable. With the updating of new and old technologies, the combination of various equipments has also changed. The hardness of sand and gravel raw materials is too large, and the traditional combined wear phenomenon is more serious. Today, most of the cone crushers are used as replacements, and the fine crusher cone crusher can also achieve the effect of sand making, and the wear is not large, which is very suitable for the choice of sand aggregate.


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