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How to check and maintain the ball mill in operation

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During the grinding process, the operator of the ball mill is responsible for the equipment and production indicators.Therefore, it is necessary to check and adjust the ball mill and its equipment as well as each link of the grinding process, to eliminate faults in time, prevent accidents and ensure the normal grinding process.

First, the ball mill rotary body inspection


The rotary body of ball mill mainly includes cylinder, end cap and ore feeder.The main inspection contents of these three parts are:

1. Pay attention to the situation of loose screws, broken screws and leakage of pulp.Cylinder and end cover fixed liner plate screw because of loose or pull off, will cause ball mill leakage, leakage.Two end cover and two end cover on the barrel of the screw hole leakage slurry, slurry into the main bearing and size of the gear, the result of damage to the gear and bearing.When the pulp enters the lubrication system, the whole lubrication will be bad.Sometimes because the cylinder body screw after pulling off the lining plate and damage the cylinder body, so pay attention to leakage, once found leakage should stop overflow ball mill processing.Some operators, cylinder screw broken do not replace, and plug with wooden wedge on the boot, this is not right, especially just changed the new lining plate, screw broken after the most easy to fall off, not allowed to do so.Grouting treatment method: if the screw is not broken, add or replace the washer; tighten the nut; if the screw is broken, replace the screw.Practice shows that the effect of using hemp rope washer is better.

2, pay attention to the ball mill discharge run rough work spit ball.

3. Observe the wear condition of the spoon head through the observation hole of the safety cover.

Check the temperature of motors and electrical appliances

Motor, electrical inspection in the course of operation, motor, electrical inspection content is mainly temperature.Motor temperature essentially refers to the winding temperature, followed by the bearing temperature.When the ambient temperature is 40, 80 is allowed for sliding bearings and 95 for rolling bearings.The motor nameplate is generally marked with the allowable temperature rise, the insulation level of the motor is different, the temperature rise limit is also different.The temperature rise of the motor refers to the allowable temperature rise on the basis of the specified ambient temperature, which is 35 or 40.When the ambient temperature reaches the specified standard, the motor temperature is the ambient temperature plus the temperature rise.If the nameplate of a motor is marked with a temperature rise of 60, if the ambient temperature is 35, then the highest temperature of this motor can reach 60+35=95.

If the ambient temperature cannot reach or exceeds the specified temperature, then the motor temperature is not equal to the ambient temperature plus temperature rise, and should be corrected.

The temperature of the motor is usually tested with an industrial thermometer.Pay attention to the instrument when there is an automatic temperature measuring device.In the absence of other means of temperature measurement, the back of the hand can be used to touch the motor. According to general experience, although the hand feels hot when drawing close to the motor, the hand can not leave the motor for a long time, and the motor temperature does not exceed the allowable temperature.If not, the temperature has exceeded the allowed range.

Inspection of fastening conditions

Ball mill set of all equipment, due to vibration will cause anchor bolts loose, once loose will intensify the vibration of the equipment and even displacement, so that level, parallelism and concentricity change, damage to the equipment, so pay attention to check, check available wrench.As for the fastening of moving parts, it can only be observed during operation. After stopping, it can be gently struck with a small hammer or checked with a wrench.

Inspection of lubrication system


Lubrication system includes oil pump, oil line (pipeline), lubrication point or lubrication part when using thin oil external circulation forced lubrication.The main contents of the inspection are:

1. Check the oil pressure gauge. The normal oil pressure should be maintained at 0.05-0.15mpa.

2. Check the oil temperature. The oil temperature should not exceed 60.Inspection method is that some ball mill on oil containing oil temperature table, some on the switch cabinet is equipped with temperature probe, the former directly observed thermometer, in the latter the pointer and a number of temperature measurement points such as the front bearing of ball mill, bearing, reducer, such as phase through to after, the pointer when you don't press the button on the switch cabinet at zero, when the temperature of the lubricating points to check something, according to the number by pressing buttons, pointer immediately indicate that point temperature, this is a process of thermocouple temperature signal into electrical signal.In some cases, the signal is converted into an acoustic signal by means of devices, and when the oil temperature exceeds the specified value, the signal is sounded by an electric whistle or bell.If there is no means of temperature measurement, you can touch the return oil pipe. When the return oil pipe is hot, it proves that the oil temperature is too high, and the return oil temperature is generally within 35-45.

3. Check the oil flow, including the oil flow indicator on the pipeline;Observation hole on hollow bush cover;Oil level indicator in tank;Oil pressure gauge, because the flow of oil and pressure (velocity) is proportional to the flow when the pipeline is unblocked, the flow may decrease when the pressure of the oil gauge decreases.How much oil flow is appropriate, mostly by experience, generally with normal lubrication for appropriate, can also be used in normal lubrication measuring cylinder flow, after reference.

4. Check whether the oil flow on the hollow journal is distributed evenly.The ball mill with internal circulation lubrication should use oil scale to check oil level and test oil temperature by hand, and pay attention to check whether the oil ring is rotating.Use a solid lubricant ball mill, to check the lubricant and lubrication site contact and lubricant consumption, and whether there is ore or water into the lubricant.

5. Check oil pump, oil circuit and sealing parts of each lubrication point for oil leakage, sand entry and water inflow.

6. Observe the viscosity and cleanliness of the oil from the oil path indicator or the observation hole on the upper cover of the main bearing. If the flow is poor, the viscosity is high or the temperature is low.

Inspection of ore quantity

Maintaining a stable and balanced ore feed is an important premise to ensure the grinding process indicators (concentration, fineness, grinding efficiency, etc.), as well as the conditions to ensure the separation operation can have good indicators.General concentrator in the mine belt are equipped with a meter, can measure the instantaneous amount of ore, and can record the cumulative amount of ore, so we should pay attention to the counter code walking, digital walking fast and slow, prove that the mine is not uniform.Ore feeds can be converted based on the number of digital feeds and then adjusted to maintain the required amount of ore feeds.

Some concentrators are not grinding miners themselves to the mine, with full-time miners, this is about to pay attention to observation, found that the amount of change, to timely contact with the miners to adjust.Some concentrators do not have measuring facilities for the ore, so they use manual sampling to weigh and then check the table to determine the ore feeding.

The stability of water quantity

Wet mill should pay attention to check the stability of water supply, when there is no metering device, the valve should be fixed to open the revolution, in order to maintain the stability of water supply.


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