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How should cement plant machinery and equipment repair and maintenance

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Equipment maintenance is built on the basis of repair, and other work, one of the main person in charge of the workers, is often in good condition to maintain the important means of equipment, is an active precaution.

During the use of the equipment, due to the movement of materials and changes in the chemical effect of the equipment, will inevitably produce technical state and unavoidable abnormal phenomena caused by the loss, as well as the impact of human factors, such as loosening, dry friction, corrosion.This is a hidden danger of equipment, if not timely treatment, will cause premature wear of equipment, and even the formation of serious accidents.Maintain equipment well.Timely handling of all kinds of problems at any time to improve the operation of the equipment, prevent the occurrence of unnecessary losses.Practice has proved that the service life of equipment largely determines the maintenance level.


1. Mechanical failure of cement factory


The production system of cement plant with fault current mainly has the following characteristics:

(1) sporadic.Because the electronic system replaces the traditional mechanical structure in the production system of cement plant, the loss caused by mechanical failure of the production system is greatly reduced.It is a random fault that occupies the dominant position, and in this system, the fault is more difficult to predict.

(2) multi-mode.As parts of a production system become more complex and more closely related to each other, one failure mode can cause trouble in other regions, and the failure mechanism may also represent multiple failure modes.


2.Cause of mechanical equipment failure in cement factory


Equipment failure can be divided into internal factors and external factors.

The main internal reasons are: design problems, such as structure, size and tolerance of the equipment, parts of the material selection is not reasonable;Content, whether you meet the design requirements for assembling problem parts such as machining, for example, standard parts, heat treatment, and quality, but it is not absent.Become a potential source of low installation for transport, storage, or damage.Use of dust, sand, temperature, pressure, corrosion, therefore, the environment, such as weather and other major factors of external factors caused by the load more than design capacity of load equipment, for example, if the short-term load is greater than the design value of load, for maintenance, such as improper sealing problems, such as poor lubrication of the installation and debugging, imbalance, in accordance with the requirements for in operating equipment maintenance;Debugging problems, such as improper installation, such as not meeting design requirements, and at the end of the exchange of defective parts or repair and assembly problems.

cement plant

3.Main measures for repairing mechanical equipment in cement plant


(1) repair and preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance and operation during the development of equipment technical state changes, take corresponding measures in advance, such as maintenance, inspection, repair, and close arrangement and connection, maintenance cycle is based on experimental and statistical data experience wear various parts and determine, so the system repair has a certain scientific basis.

(2) reliability maintenance

There are a lot of preventive maintenance, but there are some problems.Too much dismantling of equipment tends to increase damage in determining the timing of repairs and the lack of accurate content;Change some parts of the plan, as a result, it does not give full play to its value.On the other hand, this is an unexpected failure wear effective failure only for preventive maintenance disabled.

(3) selection of repair methods

If the equipment failure will not endanger human life or safety equipment, as well as the economic repair of the impact on production, can be clear through the post-maintenance mode, otherwise use preventive maintenance mode.As for the maintenance status, it should be predicted or periodically judged by preventive maintenance needs. If the fault signs cannot be detected, but are strongly periodic (loss time), preventive maintenance should be conducted regularly;If the fault signs can be monitored and the fault period is not strong, put the state prediction maintenance;If the fault warning can be monitored, and the periodicity is more economical than predicting whether the repair is preventive maintenance, if the economy cannot predict the maintenance and the preventive maintenance of equipment failure signs;Neither can be monitored, and there is no periodic rule, focus on countermeasures.

In addition.It is necessary to change the traditional equipment process to be simple, using the single failure rate and advanced concept of equipment maintenance, equipment and additional equipment maintenance cost with the minimum depreciation rate it can be, and has been improved to the best equipment in the whole life cycle of high reliability.For more information about cement production line, please consult our customer service or leave a message. We will reply to you as soon as possible.


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