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How does the crusher work at low temperatures

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With the continuous development of crusher on the basis of stone crusher, the performance of products is also improving, to a greater extent to meet the requirements of users, but also to a certain extent to improve the overall process of mining, currently crusher is listed as the core equipment in large mining processing.That crusher in the improvement process, high or low temperature will have a certain impact on it, how to solve this problem?

Jaw crushers, impact crushers, cone crushers, impact crushers, etc., to enable them to work without load at minus 50 degrees Celsius.Because the temperature in winter is relatively low, not only will greatly reduce the service life of the crusher, it is easier to make the oil and water in the crusher is frozen, so in the winter before the best to do a thorough inspection of the crusher, maintenance, to ensure the safety of the construction machinery in winter, so as not to cause impact on the production of machine problems.The maintenance of the crusher in winter the following precautions:


1. Cleaning of crusher

Cleaning the appearance of the diesel engine, chassis and working device of the construction machinery can play a role of dirt removal. In the cleaning process, damage and oil leakage of each device and component can also be found, so as to do the preliminary work for the next maintenance.It is forbidden to use high pressure and high temperature water gun to wash the parts with high waterproof requirements, especially the electrical parts, so as not to cause damage.

2. Oil selection and replacement


2.1 selection of fuel oil.

Diesel oil is easy to wax at low temperature, viscosity increases, fluidity becomes worse, atomization is bad, which worsens the combustion process and reduces the power and economy of diesel engine.In order to make the diesel engine work soft, reduce fuel consumption, should choose the lower freezing point of diesel.

2.2 diesel engine oil replacement.

Diesel engine should choose low temperature oil with low viscosity.Choose high performance oil as far as possible, this kind of oil is not only not easy to oxidize at high temperature, but also will not leave sediment in the precise parts of the diesel engine, which can greatly extend the life of the diesel engine.Multigrade oil can operate over a wide temperature range of the slime dryer.At the same time as changing the oil, replace or clean the oil filter.

2.3 replace lubricating oil and grease.

Seasonal maintenance, the transmission, transfer, differential, steering gear oil into winter gear oil, pay attention to cleaning oil.


3. Parts maintenance


3.1 maintenance and inspection of thermostat working state of sand production line of diesel engine cooling system to prevent the temperature of diesel engine from being too low or too high.

Remove internal scale from water jacket.The lowest temperature should be about 10℃, which is lower than the lowest temperature in the area where the construction machinery is used.Once the tank found mud sand deposition, immediately remove.

3.2 electrical equipment maintenance check battery motor wiring.

Check and adjust electrolyte density.Maintain the starting motor and increase the charging voltage of the generator.In winter, the battery should be charged frequently and the preheating device maintained.

3.3 the maintenance of the brake system should pay attention to whether the brake fluid is sufficient and whether the crushing quality becomes worse.

Check whether oil and water separator and drain switch work normally.Check whether the brake is weak, off-track, pedal pedal pedal force is insufficient and braking does not return phenomenon, timely adjustment.

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