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Hammer crusher maintenance hammer head is the key

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Hammer crusher is often appear as secondary crusher, mining machinery equipment in various kinds of crushing production line, the collisions with the material of the high-speed rotating hammer body and broken material, it has simple structure, broken than large, high production efficiency, can make dry, wet two forms, applicable to the mining, cement, coal, metallurgy, building materials, highway, burning and other departments to finely medium hardness and brittleness material.The grate gap can be adjusted according to user requirements, and the discharge granularity can be changed to meet the different needs of different users.

Hammer crusher hammer head is an essential part of the crusher, is also the main easy to wear on the hammer crusher, the crusher hammer head is good or bad, wear resistance directly affects the hammer crusher work efficiency and efficiency.Therefore, the choice of forging wear - resistant hammer head is the consistent choice of every industry users.The maintenance of hammer head is also the key to improve the efficiency of hammer head.

Hammer crusher

1. Install

When installing the hammer head, it must be in smooth contact with the surface of the machine, and the hammer head is fixed

2. The material

Should be sent to the crusher of the material sampling inspection, if the nature of the material has a big change, according to the material hardness, corrosion and other timely change the crusher of the corresponding working parameters, make the two cooperate with each other, reduce the hammer head wear due to the material's inadaptability.

3. Uniform feed

To be broken materials should be sent into the crushing chamber of the crusher at a uniform speed, to avoid single side overload or single side extrusion, increasing wear wear parts.

4. Malfunction

When the machine stops because of the material blocking the broken cavity, the motor should be shut down immediately and the material should be cleaned before the operation is resumed, otherwise it may cause unnecessary damage to the hammer head.

There are many aspects that affect the service life of hammer crusher hammer head. As long as we pay more attention, we will be able to use hammer crusher hammer head effect and service life play incisively and vividly.

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