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Five basic forms of mine crushing

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Material crushing is an indispensable process in many industries (such as metallurgy, mining, building materials, chemical industry, ceramics, etc.).Because of the material physical properties and structural differences of the different, for the choice of crusher to be specific analysis of specific problems.Based on the consideration of product performance, crushing can be divided into coarse crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing.

1. Crushing level

Coarse crushing: crush the material to about 100mm;

Medium crushing: crush the material to about 30mm;

Fine crushing: crush the material to about 3mm;

In daily production, we use the most crusher: jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher (also known as sand machine), impact crusher, hammer crusher.At present, there are many crushing equipment in the market. Choosing an appropriate crushing equipment can not only reduce crushing time and material waste, but also help the consumption of crushing equipment.

2. Five basic forms of crushing mechanical energy


(1) extrusion crushing:

the crushing effect of materials is achieved mainly through the slowly increasing pressure between the two working surfaces.

(2) splitting and crushing:

this kind of equipment mainly crushes the ore by using a sharp edge and a working surface with sharp edges, and the ore will split and be broken along the direction of the pressure action line.

(3) broken:

the large ore is bent and broken to small pieces.

(4) grinding and crushing:

the ore will be crushed when the shear stress reaches a certain extent due to the relative movement between the ore and the moving working face and the pressure and shear effect.

(5) impact crushing:

the material is crushed by greater impact force.This crushing mode has high efficiency, large crushing ratio and relatively low energy consumption.


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