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Do you know these important parameters of the tube mill?

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Tube mill is the main machine equipment of cement production, which has many parameters, although we do not need to know every parameter, but there are many important parameters we must understand, tube mill these important parameters you know?

tube mill

1. The turnover of the grinding body of the tube mill

The grinding body turnover of the tube mill is the number of times that the mill moves from lift to fall per revolution.According to the lifting time of the grinding body and the time from the Angle of separation to the lining plate, the inner layer and outer layer are set in the actual calculation. Regardless of the size of the mill, the inner layer is 2.86 times and the outer layer is 1.68 times, with an average of 1.82 times.

2. Power calculation of tube mill

Power is an important parameter of pipe mill, the calculation formula is more, both at home and abroad, according to recent years, the development of the cement grinding are used with the roller press + tube mill grinding system and grinding medium forms of exercise also fall by past behind + drain fell into a drain fall in absolute form of exercise, recommend using the following formula:

W = 0.07 GDn/(pq)

Where W is the installed power, unit kw;G is the loading capacity of grinding body, unit ton;D is the effective diameter of the mill, unit meter;N is the speed, unit revolution/minute;P is mechanical efficiency;Q is the filling rate of the grinding body.

tube mill

3. Barrel temperature of the tube mill

No matter what kind of tube mill is used and whether there is hot air or not, the surface temperature of tube mill is about 70℃ (tail test result).

4. Appropriate speed of tube mill


Tube mill speed formula

Where n is the appropriate speed, unit revolution/minute.D is the nominal diameter of the mill, per meter.

5. Flow rate of materials in the tube mill

W=7.04 (p+1) t/(DD)

Where, W is the velocity of materials in the mill, meters per minute.P is the circulating load.When t is the grinding machine, ton/min.D is the nominal diameter and meter of the mill.

What other parameters do you think are the most important parameters of the tube mill? You can leave a message with us and communicate with us.


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