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Crushers have what classification?

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According to the action of the crusher can be roughly divided into two categories: crusher, mill.

Crusher generally deals with larger pieces of material, the product granularity is coarser, usually more than 8 mm.Its structural characteristics are that there is a certain gap between the broken pieces, do not touch each other.Crusher and can be divided into coarse crusher, medium crusher and fine crusher.Generally speaking, the mill processed by the material is fine, the product size is fine, up to 0.074 mm, even finer.Its structural characteristics are broken parts (or media) contact with each other, the medium used is steel balls, steel rods, gravel or ore blocks.But some machines are both crushing and grinding, such as the self - mill.The maximum grain size of the processed ores is about 350-400 mm, or about 40% of the total grains are made of diameter of about 200 ×1.8 meters.


According to the mode of crushing, mechanical structural characteristics (principle of action) to be divided into roughly six categories


1. Jaw crusher (tiger mouth).

The crushing effect is that the movable jaw plate is periodically pressed to the fixed jaw plate to crush the ore block sandwiched in it.

Jaw crusher

2, cone crusher.

The ore block is located between two internal and external cones, the external cone is fixed, and the internal cone is eccentrically oscillated to crush or break the ore block sandwiched in it.

cone crusher

3.Roll crusher.

The ore block is mainly subjected to continuous crushing in the cracks between two rotating circular rollers, but it also has grinding and stripping effect, as well as splitting effect of toothed roller surface.

Roll crusher

4, impact crusher.

The block is crushed by the impact of moving parts that rotate rapidly.Fall into this category can be divided into: hammer crusher;Cage crusher;Impact crusher.

impact crusher

5, mill.

The ore is pulverized in a rotating cylinder by the impact and grinding of a grinding medium (ball, bar, gravel, or lump).

6, other types of crushing mill

A. Roller mill: grinding materials with rotating rollers.

B. Disc mill: the disc rotation of vertical or horizontal axis is used as the crushing part.

C, centrifugal mill.The centrifugal force produced by high speed rotating parts and medium is used to complete the crushing effect.

D. Vibration mill.The high frequency vibration is produced by the rotating shaft, which makes the medium and material knock each other and finish the crushing effect.

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