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Cooperative treatment of solid waste plays an important role in cement kiln

Date:2019-11-06 14:06 Source:cementepcViews:

Cement system design and system development is closely related to the use of various raw materials, fuel properties, because the cement system is containing "three against" the thermal system, so whether the thermal system of single equipment such as various preheater design scheme is determined, or "tube, pipe, kiln and furnace," such as the determination of the whole design scheme of firing system, all need according to the using conditions of the original fuel targeted design.Cooperative treatment of solid waste plays an important role in cement kiln

cement kiln

1. Design of different cement kilns

Therefore, for each project, the process design of cement kiln is not invariable and needs to be personalized according to different raw fuel conditions, especially for collaborative disposal of solid waste by cement kiln, and targeted optimization design must be carried out according to specific characteristics of collaborative disposal of solid waste by cement kiln

cement kiln

2. Transformation of cement kiln

For a new cement kiln production line for collaborative solid waste disposal project, optimization design can make the project meet the requirements of collaborative solid waste disposal of cement kiln after construction, meet the standards and reach production as soon as possible, and achieve the expected results.To the original cement kiln production line for the use of solid waste for coordination of projects, optimization design is based on the analysis of the original system of cement kiln of diagnosis put forward technical transformation of the original cement kiln system design scheme, and organize the implementation, make regular cement kiln can be adapted to the requirements of cement kiln for coordination to achieve the expected purpose.

cement kiln

Therefore, process optimization design is very important for both new construction projects and technical transformation with the original cement kilns, which is the premise for the smooth implementation of collaborative disposal of cement kilns.Especially for the collaborative disposal of solid waste with the original cement kiln, the process optimization design and technical transformation are complementary and closely unified.


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