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Cone crusher is suitable for crushing materials

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Cone crusher is suitable for all kinds of hard, brittle materials in the coarse and medium crushing, but also for fine crushing.Because of its large production capacity, equipment costs and management costs are relatively high, mainly used in the need for a large production capacity, when the production capacity is not large, the main use of jaw crusher.The basic principle of cone crusher is to use an upright internal cone to make eccentric rotation in another fixed external cone to break materials.

The machine block of the crusher is installed on the reinforced concrete foundation, the external cone is fixed on the flange plate of the machine block, and the internal cone is installed on the shaft of the crusher.The upper end of the vertical shaft is hung on the beam by a nut and a shaft sleeve;The lower end of the vertical shaft is inserted into the eccentric hole.The motor drives the eccentric sleeve to rotate through the triangle belt pulley, the drive shaft, the size bevel gear.

When the eccentric sleeve rotates, the track of the vertical shaft is a conical surface in space. Due to friction between the inner cone and the broken material, the inner cone rotates around itself, making the inner cone eccentrically rotate and rotate at the same time in the outer cone, and crushing the material by extruding the material block to the inner wall of the outer cone.The broken material needs to be added from the top, and the broken material falls out through the gap at the bottom of the two cones.The lifting of the nut lifts the inner cone, thereby changing the width of the clearance between the two cones to adjust the degree of breakage.

Crusher is easy to damage the parts of the two cone extrusion surface, therefore, the outer surface of the cone and the inner surface of the cone are lined with manganese steel.According to the nature of the material, the structure of the two extrusion surfaces is different, some are smooth, and some are with folded edges.


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