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Comparative analysis of the advantages of vertical mill vs ball mill

Date:2019-07-16 16:45 Source:未知Views:

Vertical mill has the following advantages:


Lower power consumption:

Compared with the ball mill, the power cost can be reduced by 30%~50% depending on the abrasiveness of raw materials and the particle size of products.

Higher drying capacity:

The new type of vertical mill can introduce large air flow, feed transportation and drying with high moisture content.When a ball mill grinds wet material, additional drying equipment is usually required in front of the mill because of the limited air flow through the mill.

Small configuration space:

The vertical mill occupies only 50%~70% of the space of the ball mill.

Larger feed grain size:

Feed size depends on the size of the grinding roller diameter, can directly into the larger size of raw materials, without excessive crushing, and ball mill is limited by its maximum ball diameter, can only enter small raw materials.

Better final products:

Vertical grinding USES high and adjustable grinding pressure to produce a large number of fine powder, while the particle size distribution of products produced by ball mills is usually low, depending on the grinding machine.

Steeper particle size distribution:

The most advanced horizontal air flow classifier installed on the top of the vertical mill can produce products with higher selectivity and steeper particle size distribution than traditional classifier used in ball mill.

Short conversion time:

Vertical mill can transform different raw materials to produce different products in a very short time on the same mill. It does not need a long time to clear materials like ball mill.

Lower wear:

The vertical mill USES high pressure wheel to grind materials, and the ball mill USES collision friction mode, so the grinding efficiency of the ball mill is low.

Lower initial cost:

The initial construction cost, operation cost and maintenance cost of vertical mill, including civil and electric control equipment cost, are only 70-80% of that of ball mill equipment.

Low noise in production workshop:

The noise generated by the vertical mill is much lower than that of the ball mill, so it can be installed outdoors.But special noise fences or complex structures are necessary for ball mills

Quantity of machinery and transmission:

The number of mechanical and transmission devices used in the vertical mill is less than that of the ball mill, and the failure rate is lower.


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