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Common faults of limestone vertical mill and its countermeasures

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The vertical mill is one of the main mineral processing equipments. There are always some faults in the process of use. Some users have no way to deal with the faults. Therefore, this paper summarizes the common faults and corresponding methods of the limestone vertical mill. I hope that I can provide a reference and explain it in the form of one-to-one (fault->cause->solution).

Common faults of limestone vertical mill and its countermeasures


1. Limestone vertical mill bearing overheating, motor overload

Cause: The lubrication is not in place, the lubricating oil is interrupted or the amount of lubricating oil is insufficient; the bearing or the coupling is not properly rotated; the clearance between the journal and the bearing bush is too large or too small, and the contact is poor; the oil groove is damaged and the oil cannot flow into the journal or bearing bush. Wait.

Solution: Shut down to find out the cause, and solve the specific problem specific problem. Check if the lubrication condition is in place; correctly install the bearing or coupling; adjust the clearance between the journal and the bearing bush, and check the oil groove in time.

2, limestone vertical mill running sound is dull, ammeter reading drops, less discharge

Reason: too much filling material, large particle size; large material moisture, sticky ball grinding, scorpion clogging; improper filling of grinding body, or misalignment due to silo, unreasonable length of each bin.

Solution: reduce the filling material, reduce the grinding particle size; reduce the material moisture, clean the tweezers; adjust the grinding body ratio and the length of each bin.

3, the reducer bearing heat, abnormal operation sound

Cause: The vent hole of the reducer is blocked; the balance wheel and the intermediate wheel of the reducer are not installed according to the specified meshing teeth.

Solution: Temperature detection of the reducer bearing, dredge the exhaust hole; balance wheel and intermediate wheel are installed according to the specified meshing teeth.

4, the local wear of the cylinder

Reason: The lining plate is not dislocated; the lining plate continues to run after falling off; there is material scouring between the lining plate and the cylinder.

Solution: The lining is staggered and turned; repair or replace the lining; make the lining and the cylinder tightly fit.

5. Lubrication system oil pressure is too high or too low

Cause: The tubing is clogged or leaking oil; the oil supply is insufficient; the oil pump has a problem.

Solution: Check if the oil pipe is clogged or leaking oil, check or replace the oil pipe in time; replenish the oil supply regularly; check whether the oil pump enters the air or leaks oil and handle it in time.

6, the limestone vertical mill can not start or start the motor overload

Reason: There is a problem in the motor system; there are obstacles in the rotating part; when the machine is stopped for a long time, the materials and grinding bodies in the limestone vertical mill are not removed in time, the wet materials are condensed into blocks, and the grinding body does not drop when the machine starts, which increases the load on the motor.

Solution: Check and repair the motor system; clean the obstacles in the rotary part; clean the material and the grinding body in the limestone vertical mill, clean out the agglomerated material and part of the grinding body, and stir and mix the remaining material and the grinding body.

7. After the motor is started with the reducer, vibration occurs.

Reason: The two-wheel clearance of the coupling is too small to compensate for the amount of turbulence caused by the magnetic center of the motor when the motor is started; the transmission coupling of the reducer, motor and drive shaft does not maintain high coaxiality, resulting in two axes. Concentric; the coupling bolts of the coupling are not symmetrically tightened, and the tightening force is different; the outer ring of the bearing is not fixed.

Solution: Adjust the wheel clearance according to the specified direction so that the two shafts are concentric; the connecting bolts of the coupling are tightened symmetrically with the same torque; when the rotor is unbalanced, the limestone vertical mill rotor is pulled out to find the balance point.

8, mill vibration, axial turbulence abnormal

Reason: The grounding of the base of the machine bottom caused the mill to be installed unevenly; the bottom of the foundation was eroded by oil leakage and the bottom bolts were loose.

Solution: It can be stopped, padded to adjust the sinking position, make the ground level of the machine bottom; knock off the secondary grouting layer eroded by oil, and re-buried the foot bolt, then adjust the grinding machine, then tighten the anchor bolt .


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