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Cement rotary kiln feeding, blanking raw materials, some equipment jump precautions

Date:2019-07-22 15:52 Source:未知Views:

(1) pay attention to feeding

1. The decomposing furnace can be fed when the temperature rises to 850℃, and the chimney is turned off when the elevator flow starts to rise.

2. The feeding speed of hot kiln should be as fast as possible, which is beneficial to improve the secondary air temperature, while that of cold kiln is not.

3. The increase rate and output of the kiln can only be increased according to the temperature of the smoke chamber and the current of the kiln. If the temperature and current do not decrease, the output and output of the kiln can be increased.

4. Before feeding, the temperature of the decomposition furnace may not necessarily be reached (it can be reached by using tail coal). It depends on whether the raw material in the kiln is red and the height of the grate and whether there is red material on the cooling machine.

5. After feeding, please observe the pressure and temperature at all places. The above 4 stages mainly refer to the temperature of decomposition furnace and the pressure at all levels.Specific: 3, 4 stage discharge pipe pressure from negative pressure to positive pressure and decomposition furnace temperature rises sharply, can first play 3, 4 stage air gun, if no improvement immediately stop the material.(only pressure changes, no tension is necessary if the temperature is normal) no pressure in the blanking pipe of stage 1 and 2 can be judged by the exit temperature of stage 3 and 4 and the decomposition furnace.Level 5 theoretically is the smoke room temperature will rise, but the smoke room temperature often does not reflect obvious, so at the moment when the material tube pressure tends to be positive pressure, first of all to contact the site to see whether the flip valve action, such as contact and not sure to stop the material immediately.It is very difficult and dangerous to clear the blockage of the preheater, so it should be found in time.This is the cement kiln feeding needs special attention.


(2) raw material processing

1. Reduce kiln speed -- reduce production -- reduce wind.(output and kiln speed should be determined according to the size of running material. If it is very severe, stop the material immediately.)

2. The first coal shall not be added as much as possible according to the situation, normally it is added, and the temperature of the decomposition furnace shall be controlled at a high point.

3. The grate speed should be pushed as fast as possible in front of it, and the raw material powder should be removed at about the same time, and the air doors of each room should be reduced.

4. The internal wind can be appropriately increased to reduce the external wind.

(3) jump stop problem

Head coal scale jump stop: stop the material immediately after more than 2 minutes (speed to prevent running raw material).

Tailing coal skip: according to the situation of short time can be more than the material, reduce the material and top coal, according to the suspended preheater kiln burning (if burning not immediately stop the material).

1. High temperature fan stop: stop the material, reduce the grate cooler air, to prevent kiln head burning equipment and injury.

2. A fan jump stop: a few minutes can be more than material, long time to stop material, 10 minutes.

3. Kiln owner relay stop: first, ensure that the kiln does not deform; secondly, determine whether it is heat preservation or not according to the time condition; do not stop the high temperature fan within 30 minutes; otherwise, intermittent coal spraying is required.

4.Grate fan trip: the further you go, the greater the hazard. The longer the trip time at the front, the longer the trip time at the back, the better the trip time at the back.

5.Disassembly: reduce the kiln speed. If the disassembly must be stopped for a long time, adjust the disassembly speed according to the current.If the three current high jump stop (long time overcurrent) to check whether there is a ball crusher mouth.If you can't start after the jump stop, please inform the site to cooperate with the rotation.

6. Waste gas equipment stop: it can not run for 4-5 hours without affecting feeding, and pay attention not to run ash when running.(now the environmental protection requirements are strict, according to the local decision).

7. Power failure in the whole factory: first, run the grate cooler fan (to prevent clumping) after the kiln slowly turns on - start the chimney run - run the fan (coal tube) first into the kiln fan and drive normally.


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