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Cement factory cyclone preheater collapse material block how to solve - has been solved

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A cement factory is a RSP pre-decomposing kiln, which belongs to grade 4 preheater and produces 2000t daily clinker.After the kiln was put into use, the preheater appeared the problem of easy collapse material clogging.

Cyclone preheater at all levels of easy to hang the skin, especially three levels and kiln tail shrinkage mouth, serious will form collapse block cyclone tube, resulting in production.After plugging, cement factory USES artificial clear plugging, extend stick into the preheater with manpower, staff feel clear skin or plug.Although effective in a short time, but can not fundamentally solve the problem, and this method has many drawbacks, such as: high labor intensity and dangerous;A lot of cold air will be poured into the preheater, which increases energy consumption.It also affects the stability of system wind pressure, material flow direction and thermal system.When plugging, the refractory lining will be damaged to different degrees, resulting in the phenomenon of "red wall".


1.Possible solutions

After many attempts, the cement factory chose air cannon, and installed 3 sets of C3 preheater no. 1, 3 sets of no. 2 cone respectively, 8 shrinkage inlet (2 on one side) at kiln end, and 2 sets at slope slope of kiln end.The air cannon is composed of compressed air oil filtration device, compressed air container, instant release device, automatic spray blasting cycle control system and nozzle, etc., mainly through the rapid release device to release the stored compressed air in an instant, produce a strong impact force, directional remove the crust and blocking materials.

2. Use effect

After the installation of air gun, now there is no danger of skin formation in the preheater system, and the slope of kiln end is smooth and smooth, no accumulation blockage occurs, basically achieving the purpose of clearing and blocking the flow.Moreover, the installation of air cannon has produced many comprehensive benefits.For example: the phenomenon of preheater blockage is reduced, improve the operation rate of cement kiln, air gun effective automatic material cleaning, to avoid manual blocking caused by a large number of cold air into the system, which reduces energy consumption, and reduce labor intensity;And reduce the possible casualties of manual blocking;As the air gun does not contain damaged refractory lining, the energy consumption of refractory lining is greatly reduced.

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