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Causes of common failures of rotary kiln equipment and treatment measures

Date:2019-11-04 16:39 Source:cementepcViews:

Rotary kiln is one of the important equipment in cement production, and maintenance of rotary kiln is often neglected due to the production strain. Therefore, some faults may occur occasionally. We must understand the common faults of rotary kiln, the common reasons of rotary kiln equipment and treatment measures.

rotary kiln

1. Large error of temperature indication

(1) the thermocouple is pasted by the material;

(2) the thermocouple is burnt out.


Major treatment measures for temperature indication error:

(1) clean up the accumulated material of rotary kiln

(2) replace the thermocouple.


2. Low pressure indicators

(1) the piezometer is blocked by dust

(2) accumulation of cyclone cylinder.


Measures to deal with low pressure indication:

(1) purge the piezometer with compressed air

(2) blow the cyclone cone of rotary kiln with compressed air.

rotary kiln

3. Run raw materials

(1) the temperature of the kiln tail of the rotary kiln drops too much and the amount of coal feeding is too little

(2) the preheater collapses, the raw material pours into the firing zone and shoots out of the kiln head;

(3) the head of the kiln is compressed by raw materials, the temperature of the kiln head of the rotary kiln drops, the negative pressure of the kiln head fluctuates, the current of the kiln drops, the kiln becomes muddy, the temperature under the grate is high, the kiln head and the cooling machine emit ash.


Treatment measures for raw materials:

(1) reduce feed and kiln speed

(2) when there is a run-raw material omen or run-raw material in the early stage, coal can be added appropriately.When the running raw material has become a fact, the kiln head temperature of rotary kiln drops greatly, it is advisable to reduce the feeding of coal.When the current and the temperature of the firing zone show a rising trend, the material can be added to improve the kiln speed. The feeding range should not be too large.


4. Clean the crust

(1) the positive pressure of kiln head is too high

(2) running raw materials;

(3) coolers make snowmen.


Cleaning and peeling treatment measures:

(1) slow down the grate bed speed and increase the draft of kiln head of rotary kiln;

(2) material reduction, coal reduction, wind reduction, big slow train;

(3) see "make snowman" fault handling of the cooling machine.

rotary kiln

5. Low temperature of kiln barrel

The kiln's skin is too thick

Treatment measures for low temperature of kiln barrel:

(1) kiln express;

(2) change the raw material rate, improve the silicon value and reduce the aluminum rate.


6. Kiln body temperature is high

(1) drop kiln skin

(2) thin firebrick;

(3) high firing zone temperature;

(4) improper raw material rate into the rotary kiln, the kiln skin is difficult to hang;

(5) burn out the brick caused by the red kiln.


Treatment measures for high temperature of kiln body:

(1) move the cooling fan to cool the high temperature area;

(2) adjust the internal and external wind of the coal spraying pipe to change the fire point. If the temperature of the cylinder body is higher than 400℃ and there is an upward trend, stop the rotary kiln from changing bricks;

(3) ensure the decomposition rate of raw material and reduce the pressure of kiln head;

(4) increase the aluminum rate, increase the temperature of the firing zone, and lower the kiln speed and feeding amount;5. Stop kiln filling.

Of course, rotary kiln equipment failure far beyond these common, if you encounter other problems, can leave a message with me, we will answer for you.


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