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Application of new material alloy roller sleeve

Date:2019-07-12 11:42 Source:未知Views:

In recent years, with the development of science and technology, cement industry equipment is more and more perfect, is moving towards the direction of low carbon, environmental protection, energy saving, high efficiency.The application of roller press in production is more and more perfect.The continuity of production determines the higher requirements for equipment, and there are many factors affecting the normal operation of the roller press, and the service life and maintenance of the roller surface is particularly important...

The development of new material alloy roller sleeve has achieved great success in production and use.After investigating the usage of more than 100 sets of rolls in China, considering the causes of roll surface wear (damage), later maintenance, maintenance cost, maintenance time (efficiency) and adaptability to raw materials, the patented product -- new material alloy roll was developed through scientific demonstration experiments.It has been used in a number of roller presses to replace the earlier surface rollers and composite rollers.It has the characteristics of strong adaptability, long service life, short maintenance time, low maintenance cost and high maintenance efficiency.

The new alloy drum sleeve reflects well in use and greatly improves the running rate and working efficiency of the roller press.In production, it has the following characteristics:

1. Materials between rollers have good occlusal property and strong feeding capacity;

2. Improve the work efficiency of roller press;

3. Due to the influence of metal foreign body entering the roller, there will be no cracks on the surface of the roller, local peeling, peeling, etc. Only the striped deformation of the contact part will not affect the operation of the roller press;

4. Good wear resistance.Depending on the material used by the various cement companies, the stripes typically last more than 8,000 hours.

The new material alloy roll is recognized by cement companies for its excellent performance and good maintenance.Provide reliable equipment for cement enterprises, improve the safe operation efficiency of equipment, especially reduce the maintenance time of roller, reduce maintenance cost, and lay a solid foundation for enterprises to save energy and reduce economic benefits.


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