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The ball mill discharges “running rough”, and the fineness is not satisfactory? The reasons and solutions are here

Date:2019-07-11 17:44 Source:未知Views:

Ball mills have a wide range of applications in mining, metallurgy, cement and other industries and are an important part of the grinding system. This paper mainly introduces the reasons and solutions for the problem of “running rough” of ball mill discharge.

The ball mill "running rough" is an abnormal phenomenon that indicates that the fineness of the milled product is significantly thick and difficult to control, and generally appears on the double-barrel open-tube mill with a relatively small long diameter. The coarse running of the ball mill will cause the energy consumption of the ball mill to increase, resulting in waste. The large grain size will also affect the subsequent sorting. Therefore, in the actual production, the coarse phenomenon of the ball mill should be avoided as much as possible.

The main reason for the "running rough" of the ball mill is that the ability of the rough grinding bin is too strong and the ability to finely grind the bin is insufficient. The reasons why the rough grinding capacity is significantly higher than that of the fine grinding bin are:

1.If the grinding volume of the coarse grinding bin is too small, the diameter of the steel ball is too small, or the filling rate of the grinding body of the fine grinding bin is too low, the loading amount of the grinding body should be increased, and the grading of the grinding body should be adjusted to increase the size. The ratio of the balls, or the filling rate of the grinding body of the fine grinding bin is appropriately increased.

2.If the feed amount is too large, or the feed amount in a short period of time increases sharply, the feed amount should be ensured to be compatible with the crushing capacity of the bin in the operation, and the feed amount is prevented from suddenly increasing.

3.If the quilting gap of the partition plate is too large, the steel bar can be welded to the excessively large gap.

4.If the silo is damaged or dropped, the grinding body should be replaced or the partition plate should be replaced and the confused grinding body should be sorted.

5.If the particle size of the limestone is too large, the limestone particle size should be reduced. Before the limestone particle size problem is solved, the ball diameter of the steel ball is appropriately increased, or the feed amount is temporarily lowered.

6.If there is a "saturated" phenomenon in a warehouse, the crushing capacity of a warehouse will be greatly reduced, and the problem of "satisfying" should be eliminated and prevented.

When “running rough” occurs, the cause should be identified and the corresponding measures should be taken. In addition, according to the nature of the ore and the grain size of the ore, the operator should adjust the ore supply, grinding concentration and amount of sand returning in time to ensure that the graded overflow fineness meets the process requirements and creates a good job for the sorting operation. conditions of.


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