Lime ball mill

Ball load:1.5-338t

Applicable materials:Limestone gypsum coal gangue and etc.


The lime ball mill is the best grinding machine. The main function of the lime ball mill is to supply effective calcium oxide with cement.


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Our Advantage

1.Production efficiency has been improved

The lime ball mill of our company improves the effective volume ratio and there is no inertia impact the equipment runs smoothly and reduces the downtime and maintenance time improving the efficiency.

2.More scientific in design

Firstly the rolling bearing of the equipment is variable sliding bearing with low friction fast start and more energy saving.Second the ball mill with large tooth ring has higher meshing degree and high transmission efficiency.In addition the machine frame is used to make the operation more reliable and stable.

3.Grinding is more effective

The equipment adopts professional and reasonable steel ball gradation so that the grinding effect of lime during operation is strengthened which can meet the requirements of more and higher finished products in the market and is also conducive to the further processing of lime.

4.Higher investment efficiency

One is because the parts of the equipment are made of ultra-wear-resistant materials long service life not easy to wear on the other hand because the finished grinding effect is good and the processing capacity is large can continue to work so for the user to bring obvious economic benefits it is worth investment.
    Fly ash is the core raw material of lime ball mill, and lime is also one of the main raw materials of aerated concrete production. Its main function is to provide effective calcium oxide with cement, so that it can interact with some components of siliceous materials under hydrothermal conditions. Therefore, lime is also one of the main raw materials.For lime or fly ash, it is necessary to carry out ultra-fine grinding, lime ball mill is a better choice, the equipment consists of feeding department, discharging department, rotary department, transmission department (reducer, small transmission gear, motor, electric control) and other main parts, simple and reasonable structure, reliable operation, handling capacity.


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