Steel ball coal mill


Finish fineness:170-33μm

Applied material:Suitable for pulverizing coal with various hardness.

Application:Thermal power plant steel plant processing solid materials coal powder.


Under some special conditions steel balls of special materials are often needed to fulfill the functions required in different environments.


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Our Advantage

Products high hardness low wear good toughness and less broken in the process of using sphere will further improve the surface hardness wear resistance and can improve the grinding machine production capacity improve cement specific surface area and the recovery rate of ore concentrate the forced lubrication optional stand-alone lubrication or more centralized lubrication create more economic benefits meet the demand of more users.
    The ball mill is made of pulverized coal by colliding, squeezing and grinding the coal with the ball in the cylinder.The coal powder is taken out of the steel ball pulverizer when the hot air inside the steel ball pulverizer is dried, and enters into the coarse powder separator, where qualified coal powder is separated and falls into the coal bin.The pulverized coal is returned to the ball mill for further grinding.


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