Coal vertical mill

Capacity:5-58 t/h

Applicable materials:Coal quartz feldspar calcite and etc.


Coal vertical mill is a mechanical device used to pulverize coal for combustion in steam generator of fossil fuel power plant.


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Our Advantage

1.High efficiency high capacity

The efficiency is higher compared with the same type of old vertical mill the output can be increased by 20% to 50% and the power consumption of coal mill can be greatly reduced.

2.High quality pulverized coal

It adopts relatively advanced dynamic and static combined separator which has high efficiency and wide adjustment leeway and the fineness of powder can reach 0.08 8% which can meet the fineness requirements of most low-quality coal or anthracite grinding in cement production line.

3.High system security

By using the temperature detection device and on-line gas analyzer and other explosion-proof measures the safe operation of the equipment is effectively guaranteed.

4.Environmental compliance

Through the unique seal structure design the whole system is in the state of negative pressure in the process of production without dust overflow noise is small coal dust collection is used to mill coal special pulse filter dust emission concentration meets the standards of China.
    The coal vertical mill is driven by an electric motor and driven by the planetary reducer to rotate the mill disc of the coal mill. The 2-4 rollers on the mill disc rotate under the drive of the mill disc. The raw coal coming in through the coal falling pipe is distributed on the mill disc.Small particles of coal are crushed by the relative motion of roller and disc.When the raw coal is ground in the mill, the hot air (generally below 300℃) fed into the vertical mill will dry the moisture of the raw coal and meet the requirements of finished coal powder.The pulverized coal is transported by primary air to the separator for separation.The qualified coal powder is separated and transported to the coal powder warehouse. The unqualified coal powder is returned to the mill for re-grinding.


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