Ceramic Ball mill

Feed particle size:6(mm)

Finish fineness:1.5-0.075(mm)

Applied material:Copper ore pyrrhotite hematite limonite molybdenum ore potassium feldspar and so on.

Application:Generally it is mainly used in electronic ceramics cemented carbides powder metallurgy battery materials food coatings automobile paints inks pigments dyes


Ceramic ball mill is the lining plate of the ball mill is made of ceramic ball mill small capacity is generally applicable to the trial production stage of small batch production is a new type of energy saving ball mill equipment developed by domestic mineral processing machinery experts combined with the latest ball mill technology.


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Our Advantage

1. Ceramic ball mill not only improve the production capacity and crushing efficiency but also expand the scope of application from limestone to basalt from stone production to various kinds of ore crushing it can provide a good crushing effect in a variety of medium fine ultra-fine crushing operations.
2. Linings and abrasives are designed with alumina ceramics quartz SILEX or special hard minerals without iron pollution.
3. The fineness of grinding operation depends on the grinding time.
4. The motor starts with self-reducing pressure and reduces the starting current. Its structure is divided into integral and independent type.
5. This product has the characteristics of low investment energy saving and power saving compared with similar products novel structure simple operation and reliable performance.
    Ceramic ball mill is made of ceramic ball mill.Ceramic ball mill is transverse and tubular operation, with two warehouses.The mesh type of the machine and the outside edge of the gear.These materials spiral uniformly into a warehouse, conveyor input material hollow shaft of the input material equipment.In this warehouse, there is a ladder bottom plate or ripple bottom plate, steel balls of different specifications are installed on the bottom plate, when the barrel body rotates and then generates centrifugal force, at this time, steel balls are carried to a certain height, the material will be pulverized.After being roughened in the warehouse, the material is then finely ground into the second warehouse, mainly through the steel ball and the bottom plate, and the powder is exported through the material, and then the operation is completed.


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