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  • Modification of cement production line
  • cement production line
  • Dry/Wet Process Cement plant

Modification of cement production line



Under the policy situation of speeding up the construction of ecological civilization and vigorously promoting energy saving and emission reduction the transformation of cement production line has made enterprises obtain good economic and social benefits enhanced market competitiveness and remarkable investment benefits.


Our Advantage


Flue Gas Treatment of Cement Kiln

Especially in SNCR method of deNOx field Jiangsu Lvssn has consistently provided a number of very high quality of EPC construction projects modifcation project spare part support project and technical services.
Since Jiangsu Lvssn has many years practical eperience in cement production line our talentde engineers has our unique innovation of SNCR nozzles designwhich are able to fit cement production's large deNOx gas with high temperature fast flow speed and high dust content teatures.
Our LVSN-2 type nozzle owns the special designed nozzles to fit SNCR method deNOx process. It has demonstrated its excellent high efficient performances in our cement production lines with various types to fit different projects.


Solid Waste Treatment and Alternative Fuel Technology

Jiangsu Lvssn's co-process of waste treatment in cement industry has introduced the most advanced technologies in Europe and our special designs in accordance with Chinese garbage's characteristic. Jiangsu Lvssn uses our own treatment method to do the pre-crushing process to classify useful metal material first. Then the remaining waste is delivered to decomposing chamber to burn. Jiangsu Lvssn owns a first-class experts team in this field. They have witnessed this technology's growth in China with their many years' practical experience.
Features: 1.Signficantly reduce dioxin emission; 2.Integrated design of furnace and chamber; 3.Able to process without pre-selection; 4.Select out useful garbage; 5.Fully processed garbage without polluted discharging.


Waste Heat Generation

It uses heat recovery boiler to recovery the heat from kiln head and kiln end's low quality outlet gas to generate steam to drive turbine therefore to transfer the thermal energy to mechanic energy for the eventaully electric power. Waste heat recovery power station not only saves energy consumption but also protects environment in some extents.
Thermal power system selection is based on the followed principles: 1.Kiln head and kiln end exhaust air paramter; 2.Current site conditions; 3.Plant's heat consumption; 4.Use waste heat on the premise that no distraction toward cement production; 5.Rational use different qualities of the waste heat; 6.Our mature and reliable process and equipment have avoided many common problems.


Energy-saving and Capacity-increasing Project

1.Problem solution: Design customized solutions of production operational problems through our engineers' site diagnosis.
2.Capacity-increasing and energy-saving upgrades: to increase production capacity and energy-saving by modifying a single unit or system.
3.Equipment upgrade: to supply out clients international cutting edge technologies products.
4.Eradicating NOx: to apply latest practical and fast technology method for clients in accordance eith environmental requirements.
5.Environmental protection upgrades: to supply our clients modification plan with latest technology and equipment.

Production Technology

Jiangsu Lvssn has summarized our abundant experience from a vast number of EPC and modification projects' construction and management recording information, therefore our experts are able to offer accurate diagnosis service, thermal condition calibration, modification plan(design, equipment supply and erection, civil engineering construction, commissioning and reaching targeted production capacity), project delivery, intelligent plant and other services.
Jinagsu Lvssn also conducts professional and practical environmental protection researches. Industrial desulfuration, deNOx, dedusting, Carbon dioxide capture, solid waste process are harmoniously integrated in Lvssn's projects. Especially in SNCR method of deNOx field,Jiangsu Lvssn has consistenly provided a number of very high quality of EPC construction projects, modification project, spare part support project and technical services.


Project instance: Guizhou Jiangge Cement CO. Ltd 4000t/d cement clinker production line modification project


Before the
technical modification

After the
technical modification

Clinker capacity



Heat consumption of clinker

950-1000 (kcal/kg.cl)

<755 (kcal/kg.cl)

Clinker power

85 (kw·t/h)

<65 (kw·t/h)


5-stage preheater from a
Beijing Cement Institute

LVRF5 New Type Preheater which separate
preheater and calciner.
The previous preheater structures arefully used
and  the calciner was placed in the structure.

Rotary kiln

Φ3.1*51 (meter)

Φ4.6*52 (meter)

Grate cooler

3rd Generation
Grate Cooler

Fourth generation LSFC type push
rod grate cooler

Raw material mill

Ball Type Mill System

New Type Roller Type Mill System


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