Limestone crusher

Feed particle size:800mm



Limestone crusher is a kind of crushing machine which has the advantages of stable and reliable operation performance simple process simple structure and convenient maintenance.


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Our Advantage

1.After the optimization design of the deep cavity rotor the material throughput is increased by about 30%.
2.After local wear the circumferential plate can be used up and down improve the utilization rate of materials and increase the service life by more than 48%.
3.Combined hammerhead design only need to replace the worn hammerhead part can reduce the use cost by more than 30%. In addition a secondary hammerhead is added to effectively prevent the main hammerhead from damaging the vertical plate after wear.
4.The core wear-resistant materials are highly wear-resistant and high-temperature materials used in important industries in the United States.
5.The diamond impact block is used to avoid damage to the vertical plate after impact wear.
6.The optimal launch port and internal more smooth curve design reduce the flow resistance of the material greatly improve the material passing capacity.
7.The dual-purpose bulk disk is easy to operate and realizes the convenient conversion of the two feeding methods.
8.The special sealing structure at the lower end of the spindle ensures that there is no oil seal and no oil leakage.
9.By using the hydraulic cover opening device the upper cover can be moved conveniently and quickly so that the replacement and maintenance of the internal parts of the body can save labor and labor.
    The limestone crusher has the advantages of high smooth feeding, convenient discharge and large processing capacity. it is often used as the secondary crushing equipment for limestone crushing production. The broken limestone has better particle shape and less faults in the operation of the equipment.


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