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Three ways to increase the yield of crushing

Date:2019-07-29 16:20 Source:未知Views:

As commodity prices fluctuate, it is important to find solutions that help keep the production system flexible.The following key points need to be considered when reviewing optimization, upgrade, and replacement of the three core solutions.

1. The optimal


The crushing circuit is optimized in two steps: firstly, the equipment performance is optimized; secondly, the overall performance of the circuit is optimized.

Optimize a facility including all aspects of the facility to maximize process and mechanical performance.It is best to start with the crushing cavity of the crusher.In the life cycle of mine, the production target of single crushing section can be adjusted greatly.Mineral properties also exhibit a high degree of variability.If the wear parts of the crusher are not designed according to these working conditions, the output will decline, and the cost of maintenance will be higher.Once the crushing chamber is optimized, it will benefit the entire concentrator, including extending the life of the lining, improving product gradation and reducing energy consumption.

In addition to the crushing cavity, optimizing the whole crushing circuit is a good overall planning method to improve the output.To understand how the entire loop operates as a separate process, two things need to be determined: system bottlenecks and where the available capacity is.Once bottlenecks and sections with additional capacity are identified, solutions to eliminate bottlenecks and utilize additional capacity need to be proposed.

2. Level up

Process optimization can only help when you are limited to existing equipment.If your crusher is an old model and the design capacity is limited, consider upgrading the equipment.Upgrading is a great way to bring equipment back to life, and it's cheap.There are many alternatives, which can be upgraded year by year to increase annual revenue while meeting the cyclical capex limit.Upgrades help increase production by reducing downtime.Older models may not have effective iron release, resulting in long downtime and high maintenance costs.The upgrade to the hydraulic overiron release and cavity cleaning system can ensure the rapid recovery of the equipment.Other upgrades allow for faster outlet adjustments to help maintain consistent production and reduce cycle loads.Upgrading the crusher to the latest function and technology can increase the output.All in all, operations can become more flexible with many benefits, such as easier maintenance and improved safety.

In particular, upgrades can solve many problems, but if the upgrades do not address system limitations, the problem will not be solved, and new problems may arise.


3. More change

Technology is improving, crusher is no exception.The new generation of crushing function can significantly improve crushing capacity, final product gradation, crushing ratio, and can better control the width of feeding port when adjusting the discharge port of crusher.With the new crusher, you can expect the rapid increase in the production of the selected plant and the improvement of the operating cost of the crushing section.In addition, downstream equipment such as vibrating screens, conveyors and grinders may also benefit.In summary, when considering new equipment replacement, it is important to assess whether the capital expenditure required can be offset by the added value of the new technology.

To see the solution from a global perspective, it's best to start with a comprehensive factory audit.Whatever option you choose will have an impact on your overall operations and will require a cost-benefit analysis.


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