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The basic principle of single cylinder cone crusher

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Single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is widely used in construction, mining, building materials, metallurgy, water conservancy and other fields due to its high performance, high efficiency, strong reliability and high cost performance.The concept of fine crushing is changed and advanced lamination technology is adopted to make the broken particles fine and even.High degree of automation, suitable eccentricity, through the discharge port and automatic uniform feeding Settings, raw materials in a specially designed crushing cavity, get layered compression crushing.

1. Features of single cylinder cone crusher


(1) support both ends of the spindle

The main shaft is floating and supported at both ends, with large bearing capacity, compact structure and reliable and stable operation.

(2) dustproof sealing system

Positive pressure dustproof device can effectively prevent the bearing from being damaged by lubricating oil pollution and prolong the service life of lubricating oil and equipment.

(3) transmission system

Transmission system adopts spiral bevel gear design, high bearing capacity, smooth transmission, low noise.

(4) optimization design of the frame

Adopt new arm frame layout, more uniform force, effectively avoid the impact of materials on the upper frame wear.Nondestructive inspection and acceptance is adopted to make the overall strength of the body higher, improve the reliability of equipment operation, and extend the service life of the whole machine.

(5) steep cone type moving cone

The moving cone taper is steeper, the material passing ability is higher.

(6) the whole hydraulic system adjusts the discharge port and iron overpass protection device

Single-cylinder cone crusher by adopting the combination of main shaft floating and hydraulic elevator control structure, the adjustment of the discharging mouth and overload protection functions in an organic whole, in guaranteed performance at the same time, simplify the structure of crusher, compared to other types of cone crusher, is no longer an additional discharge mouth adjusting device and iron protection device, the device structure is more simple, increase the reliability of equipment operation.

(7) advanced sliding bearing design

The sliding bearing adopts special oil wedge design to form a stable lubricating oil film on the contact surface between the spindle and the bearing, avoiding direct friction, reducing heat value and extending the service life of the bearing.

(8) safe and reliable insurance system.

High pressure design is adopted to meet the low pressure demand, and the equipment has a high pressure margin during normal operation, which improves the reliability of the hydraulic system and ensures timely alarm when the machine is overloaded.

2. Principle of single cylinder cone crusher

Single-cylinder cone crusher work: motor driving the pinion of crusher and pinion drive gear, big gear components (wheel, wheel frame, eccentric steel bushing) drives the eccentric set of components (eccentric eccentric cylinder liner, copper sets) and spindle components (main shaft, the inner cone, cone plate) for the center with theory of vertical line, orbit within the copper bushing, spindle component within the eccentric copper sleeve can be achieved with the center line of the spindle rotation.When the air machine is running, the eccentric sleeve assembly "holds" the spindle assembly and revolves with the big gear. When the material is added to the crushing cavity, the spindle assembly (spindle, inner cone) slowly rotates in the eccentric copper sleeve under the resistance of the material.The internal cone's trajectory appears to oscillate back and forth in the crushing cavity while slowly rotating.The material is crushed by swinging inner cone.The connection between the support sleeve and the frame body depends on the hydraulic cylinder to press tightly, when the crusher falls into the metal block and other unbreakable objects, the moving cone of the single cylinder is supported by the hydraulic piston at the bottom, which plays the role of adjusting the discharge port and overiron protection, repeatedly rising and falling to eliminate blocking ore.


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