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Lube oil management and notes for cement plant

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Lubricating oil is likened to the blood of the machine, the life of the machine is in the lubricating oil.Without lubrication, there would be no mechanical industry.Lubricating oil (grease) has the functions of: reducing friction, reducing wear, heat conduction and cooling, purifying friction surface, rust prevention, power transfer, oxidation resistance, sealing, pressure separation, vibration reduction and so on.

According to the statistics of domestic and foreign data, 40~60% of the equipment failures are caused by poor lubrication.Hydraulic equipment up to 80% of the fault is caused by hydraulic oil.The main reasons are the pollution of the lubricating oil and the improper selection of oil products.

Lubricating oil is made up of base oil and additives. Base oil may be mineral oil or synthetic oil.Mineral base oil is directly refined from petroleum, while synthetic base oil is an organic substance synthesized by artificial chemical methods. It has many mineral oils that cannot achieve excellent performance and can be used in extreme high temperature, low temperature, heavy load, high speed and other harsh environments.

cement production line

1. Correct and reasonable oil selection is of great significance to reduce friction and extend the service life of equipment.

(1), the use of cement plant equipment working conditions, such as load, running speed, running state (such as vibration, impact and whether continuity), working temperature, the surrounding environment, with clearance, surface precision, lubrication parts and lubrication mode and other factors.

(2) refer to the recommendation of the equipment manufacturer's manual.

Instructions or recommendations from lubricant manufacturers.


2. The substitution between lubricating oil products is also important for the lubrication of equipment

(1), substitute oil physical and chemical indicators must be able to meet the original condition.

(2), try to use the same kind of oil, additives close to the oil instead.

(3), the general use of the same viscosity or a high grade of oil products.

(4) try to use a high grade of oil instead.


3. Mixed use of oil products

(1) different grades of the same oil, adjust the viscosity can be mixed.

(2) different kinds of oil, two are without additives or only one has additives, can be mixed.

(3) different types of oil, after mixed use test no abnormal phenomenon and performance changes can also be mixed.


However, mixing is absolutely prohibited in one of the following situations:

(1) special oil, military oil, special oil can not mix.

(2), internal combustion engine oil, because there are a variety of additives can not mix.

(3) oil with anti-emulsification requirements and non-emulsifying oil cannot be mixed.


4. Control of oil product pollution

(1), cement plant equipment oil pollutants mainly dust, impurities and water, research shows that: if you can remove 2-5mm solid particles in the lubricating oil, rolling bearing fatigue life can be extended to the original 10-50 times.

(2) hydraulic oil, turbine oil and high-speed bearing oil are most important for pollution.

(3) pollution control measures: transportation, storage process containers must be clean, sealed and can not contact with copper, tin and lead and other metals: oil tools can not be exposed to the air at will, must be clean before use, and oil cleaning, conditional online filtration;And keep the air breather on the oil tank (or reducer) clean.


5. Relationship between lubrication and equipment maintenance:

(1), change the concept, to replace maintenance, passive maintenance for active maintenance;Monitor the equipment status, eliminate the fault in the bud.

(2) focus on the implementation of comprehensive monitoring of oil products, not only fast and effective detection of oil performance changes, but also to judge the operation of the equipment.

(3) choose the better performance of lubricating oil and the use of advanced lubrication technology, the return rate of equipment and production is very high.

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