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What advantages does impact crusher have compared with hammer crusher?

Date:2019-08-07 16:14 Source:未知Views:

Impact crusher and hammer crusher because it is through high-speed impact to break materials, coupled with the appearance of the two are very similar, so many people are not clear about the impact and hammer.Here's a look at some of the advantages of counter-attacking over hammering

1. Performance advantages

(1) the output particle size is uniform, the grain type is good, and the content of fine powder and dust is very low.

(2) low operating cost and investment cost.The impact crusher's weight and external size are smaller than hammer crusher, which can effectively reduce the civil construction cost.Moreover, compared with two kinds of equipment with the same output, the motor power required for counterattack is lower, which can effectively reduce the power consumption of the equipment and reduce the running cost.

(3) the vulnerable parts of impact crusher have a long service life. Meanwhile, the semi-automatic hydraulic roof opening device can help to carry out the inspection and maintenance of equipment and the replacement of vulnerable parts more quickly and economically.

2. Technical advantages


(1) it can handle materials with large moisture content to prevent blockage

Impact crusher can effectively deal with materials with large moisture content and prevent the crusher from clogging.When the water content of the material is too large, the feeding chute and counter plate of the impact crusher can be equipped with heating device to prevent the material from bonding.Impact crusher does not have to be equipped with bottom screen plate to effectively prevent blockage.Hammer crusher can not use heating to prevent material bonding, and must be equipped with bottom screen plate, increasing the possibility of blockage.

(2) semi-automatic insurance design can effectively reduce overload risk and downtime

When the non-broken material (such as iron) enters the crushing cavity, the back and forth fighting frame retreats, and the non-broken material is discharged from the machine;When the crusher resumes working, the counter frame automatically returns to its normal working position with the help of self-weight safety device, thus avoiding the risk of equipment overload and the loss caused by downtime.Because the whole process is completed automatically, it greatly reduces the time of manual shutdown, cleaning and maintenance, and greatly improves the production efficiency of the whole production line.

(3) wider discharging adjustment range and easier discharging size adjustment

The top of the impact crusher set up a mechanical adjustment device, you can screw the device bolt to adjust the impact frame and rotor spacing, so as to achieve the size of the discharge adjustment, at the same time by adjusting the rotor speed, adjust the impact plate and grinding cavity clearance can effectively and easily adjust the size of the discharge size.The hammer crusher can only achieve the purpose of adjusting the discharge particle size by replacing the bottom sieve plate.

(4) wearing parts with small wear and long service life

The plate hammer of impact crusher is made of high chromium material and wear-resisting material by the composite process of pouring, and through strict heat treatment, with good mechanical impact resistance and thermal impact performance.Because the traditional linear plate hammer is easy to wear and wear causes the plate hammer impact surface can not impact with the material vertically, the crushing efficiency decreases rapidly, the impact crusher USES crescent plate hammer, this design not only impact force, impact surface is also larger, more durable.

(5) it is more convenient to control and maintain the hydraulic system

Impact crusher adopts hydraulic adjustment system, according to operational requirements, can easily complete the impact frame and plate hammer spacing adjustment;The modular design of the wearing parts of the equipment is equipped with a hydraulic ceiling device, which facilitates the replacement of wearing parts and greatly reduces labor and time investment.

Through the above discussion of the impact crusher compared with the hammer crusher some advantages, I believe it can better help us to choose equipment.


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