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Φ 4.2 * 13 m cement grinding production consumption transformation measures

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A cement plant two cement grinding production line put into operation in 2008 and 2009 respectively, the system consists of Φ 13 m + 4.2 * HFCG160-120 rolling machine + o - sapcN - 3500 high efficient classifier composed of double closed loop roller press grinding process.The company underwent transformation in August 2017 to achieve better technical transformation effect.

When a cement plant produced pc42.5 cement bench with no.1 cement mill system, the output increased from 239.37.6t/h before the transformation to 272.47t/h, which increased by 33.1t/h.The power consumption of tons of cement process decreased from 28.96kwh/t before transformation to 23.99kwh/t, decreasing by 4.91kwh/t.The fine powder content of cement less than 3 micron decreased from 12.3% to 8.9%, and decreased by 3.4%.


1. Configuration of host equipment

cement production line

2. Renovation plan

According to the material analysis collected by the cyclone barrel (double barrel) of # 1 grinding system, 30-40% of the finished products enter the mill and then grind, forming the phenomenon of grinding machine over-grinding.Of cyclone tube (binocular) modification of materials to put the two cyclone tube one with chute grinding material to tail bucket into choose powder classifier, (due to grinding end 500 bucket lifting capacity constraints, temporarily for a cyclone tube material by chute change into 500 bucket, tail) directly by the classifier into finished products.

3. Process layout before and after manufacturing

cement production line

4. Comparison of material ratio changes before and after transformation

cement production line

It can be seen from the above table that the ratio of materials before and after the transformation is not much changed.The grinding AIDS of dalian vientiane company are used, and the quality has not changed.

5. Comparison of power consumption during front and back stage transformation

cement production line

It can be seen from the above table that in August, power consumption increased by 23.83 tons/hour and decreased by 3.01 degrees/ton before and after the transformation of cement platform.Before and after the transformation in September, the power consumption increased by 33.1 tons per hour, and decreased by 4.97 degrees per ton, so the production and consumption were improved significantly.

6. Comparison of particle analysis before and after renovation

cement production line

As can be seen from the above table, the content of 3-micron decreases by 3.4%, 3-65-micron decreases by 3.2%, and the content of ≥ 65-micron increases by 3.12%, and the specific surface area decreases by 13m2/g.

7. Cement physical inspection and comparative analysis

cement production line

As can be seen from the above table, the water demand increased by 0.3% before and after the renovation, and the strength of 28 days increased by 1.6mpa, while the performance of other inspection items changed little.

8. Economic benefit analysis

From August to September, the cement platform before and after the renovation increased by 28.47 tons/hour on average, while the power consumption decreased by 3.99 degrees/ton.According to the calculation of 0.5 yuan per kilowatt hour, the cost of cement per ton will be reduced by 2 yuan, and the annual output will be 1 million tons, saving 2 million yuan.Add in all kinds of fixed expenses and consumption, and the annual net profit is more than 2.8 million yuan.

9. To summarize

Through the technical transformation, the product quality meets the requirements of national standards and the cost is obviously saved. The transformation is successful and meets the requirements of the company's management goal of energy conservation and consumption reduction, and meets the needs of the current competitive development of cement enterprises.

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