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The factors that affect the quality of crusher output

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Jaw crusher, hammer crusher, cone crusher, compound crusher and other crusher equipment in brick and tile production line equipment, such as the construction industry are often used in the equipment, crusher production quality directly affect the enterprise's economic benefit, so what are the influencing factors on the quality of the crusher discharge particles?

1 broken than

Crushing ratio refers to the ratio of particle size of imported materials and finished materials after crushing. The larger the ratio is, the larger the crushing ratio is, and vice versa.The crushing ratio of large needle sheet content increases, and, this rule is not only applicable to jaw crusher, but also applicable to cone crusher, it has nothing to do with crusher type, but if the crushing ratio is too small, the whole system output decreases, the internal circulation quantity increases, crusher wear increases, poor economy, low production efficiency.Therefore, it is very important to choose the appropriate crushing ratio in the whole production process.

2 feed size

When the grain size of feed decreases from 100mm to 50mm, the content of needle sheet in finished product decreases by 38%.

3 cyclic load

In a closed cycle production process, adjust the discharge port to increase the load in the cycle, the stone particle shape will get better. In the whole process, due to the increase of the cycle load, the wear of the equipment in the system increases, but when the discharge port is increased, the load of the main crushing motor can be reduced, and the finished product particle deformation is good.

4 open and closed cycles

In secondary crushing process flow, cycle separate road cycle and closed-circuit circulation, the former is called screen before they are broken, the latter is called the first crushing after screen, screen before breaking refers to after primary crushing of the material after finished sieve sieve and then into the secondary crushing inlet were broken, so that the finished product production increases, the needle flake content has increased.First crushing and then screening is to put the first level of broken material into the second level of the crusher feeding port, after re-breaking into the finished product screen for screening, the whole system is a closed system, no broken material loss, cycle load is large, but the product shape is good.

In the production line and equipment should be reasonably selected, and appropriate control of feed size, so that the product shape will be better.


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