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What is the energy saving transformation of ball mill reflected in?

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The energy consumption of the ball mill is very large, which can account for more than half of the total energy consumption of the selection plant. The rising cost makes more and more miners face up to the problem of energy saving of the ball mill.But what about old mills, and old ball mills?What is the energy saving transformation of ball mill reflected in?If the old-style ball mill can be retrofitted to save energy, this problem can be solved. Therefore, it is imperative to retrofit ball mill to save energy.

Then, what aspects of transformation can grasp the key points to reduce energy consumption?We can analyze the working principle of the ball mill. When the ball mill works, it relies on the lining plate to lift the steel ball to a certain height, and then it hits the ore when the ball falls to complete the crushing of the ore.According to the working principle, we can improve the bearing part, lining plate and control system of the ball mill, which can effectively improve the efficiency of the mill and reduce energy consumption.

Energy saving ball mill

1. Bearing transformation

When the ball mill is working, the bearing part of the ball mill is subjected to greater impact and load.Therefore, roller bearing is used in energy saving transformation of ball mill. Roller bearing has many advantages compared with sliding bearing in energy saving transformation of mill.

First of all, the rolling bearing is made of bearing steel. After heat treatment, the roller bearing not only has strong mechanical strength and service life, but also can save some expensive metals needed for manufacturing sliding bearing.

Secondly, by comparing the structure of sliding bearing and roller bearing, it can be known that roller bearing can bear both radial load and a certain axial load, which can simplify the bearing bearing structure of the mill.In the process of energy saving transformation of the ball mill, the shape of its lining plate was changed to waveform, which increased the lifting ability of the lining plate to the steel ball, and also increased the contact area of the ball ore, improving the grinding efficiency.

Energy saving ball mill

2. Control system reform

The conventional star delta or auto-decoupling step-down starting mode has a large starting current, which has a great impact on the equipment and the power grid, a large maintenance cost in the equipment production process, and a tremendous power consumption.Therefore, when the disadvantages of the traditional direct industrial control ball mill are exposed, the reform of the ball mill control system has been put on the agenda. For example, some factories will transform the ball mill into a ball mill with smooth start, high grinding efficiency, large output and low energy consumption -- frequency conversion control ball mill.

Energy saving ball mill

3. Transformation of lining board

The correct choice of lining plate can promote the mineral and grinding medium inside the cylinder. If the wrong lining plate is chosen, it will not only increase the weight of the cylinder, but also may be detrimental to the grinding of minerals inside the cylinder.Multi-configuration corrugated rubber lining plate, lining plate radian can be very good fit steel ball, play a good role in the promotion, let grinding work twice the result with half the effort.

According to statistics, energy consumption of energy saving ball mill compared with ordinary ball mill can be reduced by 20%~30%, after the above three aspects of transformation, your ball mill can also be rejuvenated, comparable to energy saving ball mill, reduce the factory cost.Now ore mining is more and more difficult, ore grade continues to decline, ore processing methods are becoming more and more complex, ball mill energy saving transformation has become an effective way to reduce the cost of dressing plant.


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