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What is the advantage of jiangsu LVSSN jaw crusher

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Jiangsu LVSSN jaw crusher is a kind of high efficiency and energy saving crushing equipment. PEF and PEX series jaw crusher is a double pendulum jaw crusher.The series of product specifications and models are complete, divided into two kinds of coarse and fine broken, PEF series can be used for coarse broken, PEX series can be used for medium and fine broken.Jiangsu LVSSN crusher is suitable for crushing all kinds of soft and hard ores with compressive strength less than 320Mpa (mpa). Large stones can be broken into small stones before the next processing process can be carried out. This is why he e type crusher is often called "main" crusher.Now let's introduce what is good about jiangsu LVSSN jaw crusher.

1. Simple structure and easy operation, convenient maintenance and fast

Through reasonable design, while improving the performance of the equipment, the overall structure of the equipment is simple and efficient, and the crushing capacity is greatly enhanced.The whole equipment is easy to operate in the process of use, the daily maintenance is more convenient and fast, and the downtime maintenance time is reduced.

jaw crusher

2. Low noise, environmental protection and high efficiency

Designed in strict accordance with environmental protection standards, the equipment works with low noise and can reduce noise interference.At the same time, supporting equipment can dust, reduce the production of dust, so as to effectively protect the surrounding environment, make the pollution to the minimum.

jaw crusher

3. Unique technology and capacity improvement

Adopt the crushing technology, the use of digital parts processing equipment, make the internal structure more precise, deep cavity crushing no dead zone, the material in the crushing cavity will not occur blocking phenomenon, so as to improve the production efficiency, the coarse crushing jaw crusher crushing ratio is larger, the product particle size is more uniform.

jaw crusher

4. Flexible and multi-use equipment and remarkable energy saving

The adjustment range of discharge port is large, which increases the flexibility of the equipment and can meet various processing requirements. Besides, the equipment is reasonable in structure, occupies a small area, and can play the maximum role in limited space.

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