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Application of peeling High pressure Water Gun in New dry cement kiln system

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1. Preface

With the large-scale and large-scale development of cement production, the new dry process cement production line has occupied a considerable proportion in the cement industry of our country. In the actual production, the production management is good, which can bring lower cost and better benefit to the enterprise. On the contrary, the loss is huge, calculated by 2500t/d new dry cement kiln system, each accident stop, and then ignite and start. The cost loss of coal alone is more than tens of thousands of yuan, and the indirect loss is even greater, for example, the shortening of refractory life, the start-up and stop wear of equipment and so on, the number is amazing. It is an important task of technical management to avoid accidents and reduce accidents. . It is also a daily measure to reduce consumption and increase efficiency. This paper only introduces the crust of preheater system, grate cooler system, the influence of blockage on production, and the countermeasures taken, hoping to play a reference role for peers.

2. Blockage of preheater system and present situation of crust

Preheater blockage exists in all new dry cement kiln systems to varying degrees. Although the possibility of blockage has been fully considered in theoretical design, such as the following material tube angle, preheater cone angle, connecting pipe slope, refractory acid and alkali, etc., blockage still often occurs, the blockage mechanism is very complex, there are material factors, there are also equipment structure factors, as well as combustion atmosphere factors, and so on. No matter what kind of factor, crust will seriously affect production. As a result, stop manual cleaning and even detonator blasting are often adopted. The production loss of each kiln is particularly huge, which increases the production cost. Daily production of an A factory 25 00t/d new dry cement kiln system, five-stage preheater configuration, crust parts are commonly found in the fourth stage, fifth stage, decomposition furnace, kiln tail smoke chamber shrinkage and other parts, frequent blockage, frequent crust, seriously affecting the ventilation of the system, resulting in incomplete combustion of pulverized coal, serious reductive atmosphere, cement kiln system due to clogging crust and lead to kiln system disorder, various control parameters are difficult to adjust and control, production and quality vicious circle.

3. Operation parameters of high voltage water gun: voltage: 380V power:

15kw working pressure: 350-500bar adjustable, principle of high pressure water cleaning machine: water is injected into the inner crust of kiln tail with elongated gun rod, and the use of water is very expansive under the condition of high temperature and high pressure, which produces great impact force, and the working principle of high pressure water cleaning machine is as follows: the working principle of high pressure water cleaning machine is to inject water into the crust of the inner wall of kiln tail with elongated gun rod, and the use of water is very expansive under the condition of high temperature and high pressure, which produces great impact force. In the high temperature material, the water vaporizes suddenly and produces a strong explosion, and all the materials hit are vibrated and collapsed, removing the crust. This equipment is commonly known in the cement industry (water cannon), in the kiln Can also remove crust, the current output in 1200t/d enterprises are widely used, according to our company's experience in cement enterprises for many years can solve your production blockage problems, equipment pressure range: 350 bar ≤ 1000 bar, cement plant except crust widely used pressure: 350 bar, water flow rate: 1200L/H, will not affect kiln temperature and refractory brick. The high pressure reciprocating pump is mainly used as the power source, and the high pressure is formed through the special sprinkler in the cement industry. The crust of the smoke chamber at the end of the kiln is cleaned up without stopping the kiln, so as to ensure the normal operation of the kiln and achieve the goal of saving energy and reducing consumption. Of. It has successfully solved the insecurity, low efficiency and high labor intensity caused by artificial stab in cement industry, low efficiency and high labor intensity, as well as the negative influence caused by explosive explosion on flue, kiln and castor cooler itself. The matching of high pressure water gun is perfect, easy to operate, safe, high efficiency, and does not affect production. The advantages of this device are simple operation, good blocking effect, small equipment volume, light weight, with moving wheel, lack of water, lack of phase protection, motor overheating protection, reasonable selection of cleaning port, cleaning port at all levels of preheater and pipeline to facilitate the entry of high pressure water gun. If the original design is not available, the maintenance opportunity should be set and installed. 3.3 removal of blockage Attention points: the high pressure water flow of the high pressure water shutoff gun itself contains impact energy, and attention should be paid to the essentials of safe operation in the process of application in order to prevent unnecessary damage to the person, equipment and so on. The design of the plug hole should meet the technological requirements reasonably, the door structure of the plug hole should meet the safety requirements, the door should be half open when using the high pressure water gun, the person can not clear the plug hole, avoid the impact of high temperature gas and material, and can also be equipped with the necessary protective clothing and helmet. When large blockage materials fall behind, use as little water as possible and reduce pressure to effectively protect the liner.

3.4 after blockage removal, the effect blockage is obviously reduced, the production operation rate is increased, the cement kiln platform is increased, the clinker strength is increased, the qualified rate of f-CaO is increased from 78% to 96%, the system resistance is reduced, and the primary outlet pressure is reduced from-6.1Kpa to-5.8Kpa.

Using high pressure water cleaning machine, the blocking effect is good, which is a method to deal with crust blockage without stopping kiln, which plays a key role in steadily improving the production and quality of pre-decomposition kiln, reduces the parking opportunity, improves the ventilation condition of the system, greatly reduces the resistance of the preheater system, and indeed creates good conditions for the precalciner kiln to normal, reduces the production cost and improves the economic benefit. 3.5 equipment and company advantages: small equipment volume, light weight, with moving wheels, water shortage, lack of phase protection, motor overheating protection, simple operation.


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