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Vertical mill slag spit how to improve production?

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Vertical mill slag spitting phenomenon is inevitable in normal production, and the reasons for slag spitting are various. We need to make sure that the vertical mill slag spitting will not affect the output.Vertical mill slag spit how to improve production?

1. Inspect the vertical mill before starting up

Vertical mill

In order to ensure that the amount of slag ejection of the vertical grinder cannot be too large, the gap between the two grinding rollers and the grinding disc should be checked and adjusted before starting grinding, and the gap should be maintained at 5~10mm. Stones and metals larger than this size should be knocked down from the grinding disc into the forced blast system, and be blown out by the rotary scraper through the slide that can lock the leakage air.When the overflow amount is greater than 2% of the feed amount of the mill, it may be because the clearance of the grinding roller of the vertical mill is greater than 15mm.The gap between the grinding disc and the ventilation ring should not exceed 10mm, otherwise the airflow speed required to pass through the ventilation ring should be greater than 25m/s.

2. Correctly control the vertical mill

Vertical mill

Correctly control the total exhaust air and power of the vertical mill, the pressure of the grinding roller and the baffle ring of the grinding disc.For large exhaust air, high-grade ring, the material layer on the grinding disc is thin, most of which by the negative pressure action in the vertical mill cycle, and will not become overflow, make the overflow of material become small.At this point, or use the grinding machine stop time to reduce the disc retaining ring;Or temporarily reduce the wind;Or to adjust the roller pressure.On the contrary, for small exhaust air, resistance ring, vertical mill inner circulation load will be very low, at this time, if the feeding amount is unchanged, overflow will increase, resulting in a large reduction in mill efficiency.If wear out or crowded broke part to keep ring, overflow material can become periodic big, right now, should use stop time to hold fast repair or change.Also should correctly grasp the grinding roller and grinding disc wear law, general grinding roller wear faster than the grinding disc, the amount of wear is about 3:2;For the worn old roller, mill production is 12.5% less than the new roller.

3. Material overflow

Vertical mill

Water spraying in the vertical mill can change the overflow amount through the influence on the material layer, especially when the raw material is relatively dry and thin.Strictly control air leakage in the system.Do a good job of removing metal foreign matter from raw materials.Use an automated expert control system.It can not only optimize the operation and avoid misoperation, but also stabilize the height of material layer, reduce vibration and improve the yield.

Only by doing the above can we ensure the smooth progress of production and ensure the output. Of course, the more important thing is to make appropriate solutions according to the actual situation of production. If you have any questions, please leave a message with me.


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