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Treatment of Oil leakage in Vertical Mill Reducer

Date:2019-07-03 14:48 Source:未知Views:

The field treatment of oil leakage from reducer is carried out by using polymer composite materials, the causes of oil leakage are analyzed, and the preventive measures for leakage treatment of reducer are put forward.

Vertical mill reducer, oil leakage, polymer composites,

1. Equipment description and problem description

The reducer is used to match the speed and transmit torque between the prime mover and the working machine or the actuator. The reducer is an independent component composed of gear drive, worm drive and gear worm drive enclosed in rigid housing. It is commonly used as the reduction gear between the original drive and the working machine. It plays a role in matching the speed and transmitting torque between the prime mover and the working machine or actuator, and is widely used in modern machinery. As an important transmission equipment of industrial enterprises, the reducer will not only cause economic loss if the oil leaks. When serious, it will cause oil shortage and oil cut off of reducer, aggravate the wear of gear meshing surface, and lead to equipment accident. Seriously affect the safety of production in enterprises.

2. Cause analysis and harm of leakage of reducer

1). Cause analysis:

a. Friction vibration caused by gear meshing is one of the important reasons for the leakage of reduction gearbox. During the operation of the gearbox, the precision deviation and unreasonable stress may occur during the design, installation, commissioning and operation of the transmission components. Especially, the friction and vibration caused by inter-gear meshing are very likely to cause the bearing position of the gear shaft and the wear of the bearing chamber, resulting in the leakage of dynamic seal and static seal of the gearbox.

B. The pressure difference is generated inside and outside the gear box. During operation, the temperature of the gear box is raised due to the influence of the friction heat and the ambient temperature. If the air hole or the air vent is not blocked, the pressure in the gear box is gradually increased, the temperature of the machine is higher, and the pressure difference is larger, resulting in leakage of the lubricating oil from the gap after the temperature rise.

c. the internal stress can not be eliminated well during the manufacturing process, and the deformation is generated, and the gap leakage is generated.

d. The observation hole is too thin, the structure is unreasonable, easy to deform, lubricating oil leakage from the contact gap.

e. Too much oil, no return tank, easy to cause a large number of lubricating oil spatter and gather in the shaft seal, combined surface, under the action of pressure difference to produce leakage.

f. The quality of the sealing element is not up to standard or the machining accuracy is not enough, resulting in the sealing part of the seal is not good, resulting in clearance, leakage.

g. Under the influence of bad lubrication, the vibration increases, the leakage point increases, at the same time, the wear between the components is accelerated, the temperature rises too fast, and the oil leakage and even the scrapping of oil products are accelerated.

2) Hazards of leakage:

a. Reducer, waste of oil products, every year to enterprises hundreds of thousands or even millions of oil purchase fees, and pollution of the environment.

B. The dry and wear phenomenon of the transmission part of the speed reducer can be easily caused by the shortage of oil, leading to the shutdown and shutdown and the normal production of the enterprise.

C. It is extremely easy to cause major hazards of fire and to increase the difficulty of equipment maintenance and management.

d. Increased labour intensity of front-line personnel, particularly in health and cleaning.

e. Affect the good image and honor of the enterprise, can not implement effective display and publicity.

3. Traditional treatment methods

The traditional method is to replace the sealing ring and the sealant to re-seal, which not only needs to take up a lot of stop and disassembly time, but also easily causes the deviation of the matching size of the upper and lower pressure cover, which leads to wear and tear, and increases the probability of leakage again in the later operation.

4. Construction procedure of new treatment method:

(1) use grinder, sandpaper and other tools to polish the surface and clean it with anhydrous ethanol.

(2) the 25551 fast curing material is reconciled according to the prescribed proportion and smeared in the leakage position to achieve the rapid sealing effect.

(3) 2296 polymer composites were reconciled at 2:1 to have no color difference.

(4) 2296 of the material is covered on the surface of 25551 material.

(5) the material can be put into use after curing.

5. Summary:

Using polymer materials to treat the leakage of vertical mill reducer can shorten the downtime, reduce the labor intensity and save the disassembly and assembly cost to a great extent. The problem can be dealt with the lowest time and labor cost, and the governance effect can be achieved.


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