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This sandstone aggregate production line, the owner of the sand stone factory saw it, and also praised it!

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Production line sand and gravel aggregates usually use sand and gravel production lines, which has far-reaching implications for the production of high-quality high-quality sandstone. The selection of stone crushers and new sand making machines in the sand and gravel production line is the most important and most important. Regarding the crushing equipment and the sand making machine equipment, we all know that there are so many varieties on the market, and the production companies are still improving and developing them, and they are constantly updating, so the number of varieties will be more and more, and the sand and gravel processing will be more and more. There will be more and better choices. However, it is still what we have said before, "while bringing convenience, it also brings troubles in selection." So what is the best choice for crusher and sand making machine?

Sand aggregate

1. The cobblestone sand making machine is equipped with a professional dust removal device, so that dust pollution will not occur during the production process. The green and environmentally friendly low-carbon production method has been heavily valued by the government and has been strongly supported by major project manufacturers.

2. The cobblestone sand making machine not only has a large production value, but also has a strong production capacity and a sandstone shaping effect. Therefore, the finished stone produced by the complete production line has a six-sided appearance and is very suitable for domestic high-standard engineering applications.

Sand aggregate

3. At that time, the sand production line had advanced planning technology, which can form a high molding rate, avoiding repeated crushing, re-simulating sand, saving time and power, and advancing toward the energy-saving sand production line.

4. The new hydraulic impact crusher is selected as the secondary crushing equipment of the stone production line, and the hammer head and the liner made of foreign advanced wear-resistant materials increase the wear resistance of the equipment to a greater extent.
5, stone production line to take a full set of equipment to form a professional stone system, can produce a variety of stone, through the sieve to screen the stone grade.
6. The river pebble sand production line consists of an oscillating feeder, a jaw crusher, a counter crusher, a vibrating screen, etc. According to the characteristics, quality and output value of the stone, the specifications and models are selected to further expand the variety of sand and gravel materials.


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