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The influence of the structure of compartment plate on the production quality of ball mill

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How does ball mill achieve high yield, high quality, low consumption?The structure in the mill is the main factor, the reasonable division of the length of each warehouse, the form of lining plate, the passing capacity of the compartment plate, the discharging capacity of the grate plate and so on are very important.The internal structure of the mill must be adapted to the requirements of the process.The structure of the silo plate has a great influence on the production quality of the ball mill. How to choose the most suitable silo plate?

Ball mill compartment plate

1. The role of the ball mill compartment plate


(1) the primary task of warehouse separation device is to meet the requirements of warehouse division.

The steel balls with different diameters in the ball mill are separated to meet the reasonable principle of using large balls and small balls for coarse and fine grain grades in the process of material grinding.At the same time, the coarse particles are stuck to prevent it from channeling from the front bin to the back bin.Once too coarse particles to run to the warehouse, because there is no big ball after the warehouse, unable to smash and will run coarse, affect the production, quality.

(2) control material flow rate.

Make each bin material level mutual adaptation, ball material ratio is appropriate, in order to meet the change of different grinding process and operating system.

The combination of appropriate layout structure of the compartment plate, grate width and grate shape ensures no obstruction and reasonable flow rate, so that the material has an appropriate residence time in the mill.


(3) favorable ventilation inside the ball mill.

For cement ball mill, ventilation is needed to dissipate heat so as to cool the cement. Meanwhile, the fine powder can be moved out in time and quickly to reduce the grinding.The effect of uneven ventilation must be eliminated as far as possible by the compartment separation device. There should be sufficient ventilation overpass area and small pressure loss.

Ball mill compartment plate

2. Common disadvantages of improper compartment board


(1) single layer compartment board.

Single compartment is basically overflow discharge, fine material under the surface layer through the resistance is large, material flow speed is slow, the filling rate of the front bin is higher than the back bin.This kind of structure is not conducive to the adjustment of the balance of grinding capacity of each bin of the ball mill.

(2) double compartment board without screening.

The compartment plate is usually composed of a grate plate and a blind plate with a lifting device in the middle.It is forced discharging, the flow rate is faster, it is not affected by the filling rate before and after the compartment, even if the material position in the front bin is low, it can discharge the material smoothly.The first disadvantage is that due to the limitation of grate casting process, the width of grate seam can only be at least 6mm, and it is very easy for the material less than 5mm at the compartment plate to enter the next compartment through the grate seam.After the warehouse is usually small size ball forging, ball mill can not crush these particles will run rough.

(3) double layer compartment plate of arc screen plate

This kind of compartment board is equipped with an arc screen of lifting plate type on the radial direction. When the material enters the arc screen surface, it is mainly separated by gravity during the operation of the ball mill. The fine material enters the next bin and the coarse material returns.This structure, screen efficiency is higher, but because the arc screen surface width is only more than 100 mm, the length is only equivalent to the radius of the mill, the number is only 8 ~ 10, the total screen area is small, small material capacity, can not be used for closed-circuit grinding.

Ball mill compartment plate

3. Ideal compartment plate structure

(1) both sides of the compartment plate are grate plates with grate holes. The grate seam of one compartment plate adopts self-cleaning structure. The grate seam is not easy to paste and block, which ensures the requirements of ventilation and material passing.

(2) facade screen is adopted, high-quality plate is selected, screen holes are reasonably distributed, screen area is large, material passing ability is strong.

(3) the coarse material lifting plate is set between the grate plate and the sieve plate to facilitate the timely return of coarse particles.

(4) material flow is adjustable.The material enters the next bin through the unloading hole through the lifting of the fine powder lifting plate. The outlet area of these holes can be easily adjusted by the operating slide plate.According to the situation of the ball material ratio of the rear bin, the outlet area is adjusted by adjusting the fixed screw on the slide plate, so as to ensure the appropriate ball material ratio of each bin and reach the balance of grinding ability of each bin of the ball mill.In the production of different varieties of products, also according to its characteristics to adjust the export area, to meet the requirements of different material capacity.

Select the appropriate compartment plate to make the ball mill play the maximum effect, bring the maximum profit.If you do not know how to choose the ball mill compartment board can contact our online customer service for your answer.


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