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The influence of the height of the baffle ring and the operation of water jet on the vertical mill

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The operation of the vertical mill is affected by many factors. Today, I will mainly introduce the influence of two simple factors on the operation of the vertical mill, the height of the retaining ring of the vertical mill and the operation of the water jet.

vertical mill

1. The influence of the height of the vertical mill retaining ring on the operation of the mill


(1) height of retaining ring of vertical mill

The height of the stop ring of vertical mill, the thickness of the feed layer and buffer layer of the corresponding vertical mill plate, and the relative grinding efficiency decreases.In order to improve the grinding efficiency, only increase the grinding pressure, the main motor power is too high.When the material layer in the mill becomes thicker and the relative ventilation capacity decreases, the finished material cannot be taken out of the mill in time, so the output is low.

(2) low stop ring of vertical mill

vertical mill

The vertical mill has low baffle ring, thin feeding layer of the corresponding vertical mill plate, low buffer layer, high vibration of the vertical mill, in order to reduce the vibration only to reduce the grinding pressure.At this time, the main motor power is low, the external circulation rate increases, the material stays in the mill longer, the burden of material grinding increases, the same efficiency is low, the raw material fineness is coarse at this time.

In order to maintain the high efficiency and high yield of vertical mill, the retaining ring should be selected reasonably.


2. Effect of water spraying on operation of vertical mill


(1) water spraying function of vertical mill

Vertical mill water, mainly to stabilize the material layer, reduce the outlet gas temperature, reduce vibration, stable operation.

vertical mill

(2) influence of water spraying on vertical mill

A certain amount of water spray can timely form a stable material layer for the material on the grinding disc, which can reduce the vibration frequency of the grinding roller during operation, and play a very intuitive role in stabilizing the system operation and improving the output and operation.If the amount of water spraying is small, it is not easy to form a material layer, vibration, not easy to operate;If the amount of water spraying is large, it is easy to create a thick material layer, although the pressure difference can be lowered in time, but the time is long, the material in the vertical mill cannot go out for a long time, the circulation inside the mill is increased, if not timely production or water reduction, easy to cross the current jump grinding.


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