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The importance of sound insulation walls in cement plants

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The production noise of cement factory mainly comes from the mechanical vibration, shock vibration and the sound produced by the fan when the equipment is running in the production process.Such as limestone crusher, rotary kiln, raw material mill, kiln head blower, cement mill, roots fan, coal mill and other equipment operation, will produce noise, and the noise level is very high, in the range of 80 -- 120dB (A).

As we all know, noise does great harm to the health of workshop workers, and causes great noise pollution to the environment around the enterprise and affects the body of villagers.Noise pollution caused by enterprises and local disputes occur from time to time, so noise control and governance has become increasingly important.

cement factory

1. Sound insulation board of cement factory

Reducing noise source is the fundamental method to control and solve noise pollution.There are two general methods: one is to control noise sources, such as improving the structure of equipment, improving the machining accuracy and assembly quality of components, or adopting advanced low-noise technology to reduce the power generated by noise;Second, according to the principles of absorption, reflection and interference, sound absorption, sound insulation and noise elimination technologies and sound elimination measures are adopted to control the radiation power of sound source.

In view of the different noise sources existing in the cement plant, different noise prevention measures should be taken to ensure that the noise of the cement plant reaches the national standard.


2. Sound barrier of cement factory

In order to achieve the noise control standard, in the design of cement plant will be in the following aspects of the overall consideration.(1) firstly, when selecting the factory site, it should be far away from residential areas as far as possible, and have certain barriers in the middle, such as using natural mountains to block noise;(2) strengthen the greening of the factory, plant the greening isolation belt around the factory, which is mainly composed of tall trees, to block the noise, so as to ensure that the factory boundary meets the relevant requirements of the noise standard of industrial enterprises (gb12348-90).(3) auxiliary workshops (such as maintenance workshop, production preparation area, material warehouse, workshop office, etc.) should not be located in high-noise areas;Noise pollution should also be taken into account in the layout of each workshop.The workers' operation room or lounge in or near the machine room shall have sound insulation performance.If possible, high-noise sources may be located at a considerable height from or below the ground to minimize their impact.(4) choose low-noise equipment to minimize impact noise, individual audio and high frequency combination noise;Install muffler or special sound enclosure for high-noise equipment and set sound barrier around high-noise sources.

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