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The humidifying tower in cement plant is prone to malfunction

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The main function of humidifying tower in cement plant technology is to humidify the kiln tail waste gas of dry kiln, reduce the specific resistance of high-temperature dust in the exhaust gas, improve the working efficiency of electrical dust collection at the kiln tail, protect the environment, recycle dust and reduce material consumption.Of course, cement plant humidification tower prone to failure there are many, today we will take you to understand.

1. Common faults of humidifying tower in cement plant


(1) the humidifier is compressed or deformed due to improper operation.

Normal humidifying tower shell weighed on about 7200 pa, but under the condition of high temperature casing pressure drop greatly, due to the preheater fan shell under the action of the pressure of about 4000-6000 pa, due to the preheater preheater due to improper operation, the exhaust gas temperature at the outlet of humidifying tower shell pressure drop greatly, shell under the action of high temperature and high pressure softening sucked flat or deformation, lead to accidents.

humidifying tower

(2) ash bucket is easy to accumulate and jam in operation.

Because of the dust under the action of gravity and water particle adsorption of subsidence to the set of the gas conditioning tower bottom ash hopper, if ash hopper Angle more gentle, dust particles in the wet easy adhesion, back to grey ability in the operation of the small are likely to cause ash hopper dust jam, at the same time, if the collection of ash hopper shell outside heat preservation effect is poor, easy to cause to collected dust ash hopper wall dewing damp easily adhesion.

(3) easy to "wet bottom" in operation

Due to the poor atomization effect of spraying water, the dust is damp and easy to adhere to cause the ash bucket jam accident, which is also called "wet bottom".The main reasons for the poor spray atomization effect of the spray gun of the humidifier tower are large fluctuation of water pressure, low water pressure, serious wear of the nozzle of the water gun, etc. The key is to ensure the stable water level of the water tank, water filtration device is not blocked and smooth water flow, and at the same time, the multi-stage booster pump is regularly switched for maintenance.Water spray gun should also be continuously switched for maintenance, and adequate nozzle spare parts should be prepared. The water spray gun that is temporarily not used in operation should be installed externally and tightly wrapped with rainproof and rust-proof materials

(4) water spray gun is easy to be blocked in operation

There are two reasons why the water spray gun is easily blocked in operation, one is poor water quality, scale or impurity blocking.Second, the temporarily unused water spray gun is not externally mounted, which causes the nozzle to be blocked by dust.

(5) cracking of humidifying tower shell

The main reason is the poor welding quality of the welding spot. Due to the poor welding quality, the shell may produce stress concentration here, which may lead to the tear or opening at the welding place and aggravate the damage under the action of high temperature and high pressure.

humidifying tower

2. Preventive measures for fault of humidifying tower in cement plant


(1) a cold air valve is added at the entrance of the humidifying tower

When the inlet temperature of humidifying tower exceeds a certain temperature, it will automatically turn on to reduce the temperature.It is also possible to set an alarm on the operation program when the temperature of the humidifier tower entrance exceeds and automatically reduce the speed of the kiln tail fan. When the temperature of the humidifier tower entrance exceeds, the kiln tail fan will automatically stop.

(2) check and transform the Angle of the ash bucket

To do a good job of external insulation of the humidifier, it is necessary to regularly detect the amount of ash returned, to do a good job of daily maintenance of the spray gun, and to reduce the dust caused by poor spray atomization effect and easy to adhere to the dust bucket jam accident.

(3) it is necessary to analyze the movement direction and trend of the system wind

Considering that the inlet cylinder of the humidifying tower itself is equipped with a deflector and a airflow distribution plate to balance the wind speed and flow rate of the cross-section of the cylinder, according to practical experience, two short guns cannot be arranged continuously, while two long guns can be arranged continuously.Although the wind speed and flow rate of the cylinder section of the humidifying tower are balanced by the guide plate and the airflow distribution plate, in fact, the wind speed and temperature in the center are higher than those around.

humidifying tower

(4) clean water tank and filter regularly

Regular inspection of the water gun used interchangeably, nozzle wear timely replacement treatment.Replace the damaged filter in time;The water spray gun that is temporarily not used in operation should be installed externally and tightly wrapped with rainproof and rust-proof materials

(5) installation and welding shall be performed in strict accordance with the construction specifications

Generally pay attention to the welding seam to full welding and reach the height of the design weld seam, conditional welding seam can be added with welded channel steel reinforcement.In the cylinder butt welding to eliminate the occurrence of cross weld, the weld to stagger more than 2 meters, whether the cylinder weld or butt weld, need full welding.To internal and external welding, to clean slag after a layer of welding.At the same time, each weld shall be inspected by the construction unit before entering the next procedure.

Adopt advanced process equipment, take effective measures to control and control dust pollution, reduce material production loss, ensure the dust concentration of each discharge point to meet the national standards, fully reflect the requirements of environmental protection and clean production.Reduce the risk of environmental protection penalty, improve the utilization rate of materials, reduce the cost of raw materials and improve the benefit of enterprises.


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