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The causes and solutions of cylinder fracture of rotary kiln in operation

Date:2019-11-12 10:19 Source:cementepcViews:

In normal operation of rotary kiln, the overall strength of cement rotary kiln is low, which is easy to cause the fracture of rotary kiln barrel,the causes and solutions of cylinder fracture of rotary kiln in operation

1. Fracture reason of rotary kiln barrel

rotary kiln

1.1 high temperature condition

In the high temperature condition of the rotary kiln, some materials may age, thus forming the cylinder of the rotary kiln to appear fracture.

1.2 human factors

It may be the man-made factors, mainly the unscientific maintenance leads to the fracture of the rotary kiln barrel.

1.3 transportation problems

Another possibility is that in the process of transportation and installation of rotary kiln equipment, the cylinder of rotary kiln presents potential cracks due to collision and other reasons. Then, with the increase of load in operation, the potential cracks on the cylinder will expand, leading to the appearance of cracks.

2. Fracture solution of rotary kiln barrel

rotary kiln

1.1 transfer to rotary kiln belt

Move the belt of rotary kiln, remove the local firebrick, then polish the crack welding, and then restore the original position in turn.

1.2 withdrawal of refractory bricks from rotary kiln

The refractory bricks of rotary kiln are removed, welded solid by argon arc welding from the inside, and then polished from the inside.

Even if the rotary kiln barrel is fractured during operation, only when we have mastered the correct treatment methods can we quickly solve the problems in production and ensure the safety of production and personnel by understanding the causes of various fractures.


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