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The actual strength of granule is related to its size

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The internal stress produced by the crusher reached the ultimate strength of brittle failure before its significant rheology and the particles were easy to crush.

The rheology of plastic particles is obvious, but the structure is not easy to produce obvious damage.The energy consumed by rheology is converted into heat and released, and the particles are difficult to crush.Under the repeated action of external forces, the crystal structure inside the particles will relax. That is, under the condition that the deformation value remains unchanged, the internal stress will gradually disappear, and the stored elastic energy will be converted into heat, thereby increasing the temperature of the crushing zone.Instantaneous shear stress is helpful to shorten the rheological process of particles, so as to overcome the macroscopic "viscosity" of such particles, reduce the temperature in the crusher, and speed up the crushing process.


It is an effective means to improve crushing efficiency to pretreat materials and develop internal lattice defects.Water quenching of steel slag and pre-crushing by high pressure roller grinding have been widely used.In the plastic deformation range, the strain first develops along the sliding surface occupied by the crystal structure defect.With the increase of moisture in the crushing area, the fluidity of interface atoms is enhanced, which will make some enlarged defects heal, which is not conducive to the crushing process.Timely remove the heat from the crushing zone, reduce the internal temperature of the crusher is beneficial to improve the crushing efficiency.

Under the action of high-frequency periodic coincidence, the strength of solid particles will decrease somewhat, which is caused by the fatigue failure of particles caused by periodic loading and the fracture along the weakest part of the structure.This principle is used to complete ultrafine grinding by vibration mill and high speed impact mixing mill.The finer the pulverized particle, the higher the frequency of action, the same is true for high-energy pulverization and dispersion of ultrasonic waves.

The actual strength of particles is related to the size factor.With the change of particle fineness, the difficulty of crushing increases sharply.The crushing process is mainly to develop and produce structural defects, and the finer the particles are, the fewer the structural defects, and the higher the bulk strength.The actual limit of crushing fineness is nearly hundreds of nanometers. Further crushing is almost formed in the ideal crystal structure and develops new defects, which undoubtedly requires huge energy consumption.

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