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Suggestion of dust removal equipment reformation in cement factory

Date:2019-06-19 16:33 Source:未知Views:

Cement plant dust removal equipment ultra-low emission maintenance and renovation case, cement plant by controlling dust pollution, reduce environmental pollution, the main control measures are

1. Crushing: the first stage hammer crusher is used to replace the traditional secondary crushing to reduce the dust production point.

The feeding port of crusher shall be closed to reduce the dust flying into the discharging port.

The discharge port of jaw crusher shall be equipped with dustproof cover and conveying equipment.

Use an electrostatic precipitator or bag filter.

Secondary dust removal plus cyclone.

2. Calcining: the stability of the thermal system is the basis for good dust removal.

According to the specific situation of the enterprise, the flue gas can be used for bag dust removal.

The stability of shaft kiln thermal system is the basis of good dust removal.

Smoke dust can be according to the specific conditions of the enterprise, such as the bag dust electric dust.

3. Material transport: material transport should use the transport equipment with good sealing performance, such as the bucket elevator screw conveyor.

4. Material storage: each powder storage (storage) shall be equipped with a simple dust filter bag or bag filter at the top pressure relief port.

Raw materials and clinkers should be equipped with dust cover at the bottom of raw materials and cleaned by bag filter or high voltage electrostatic precipitator.

5.Packaging: bag dust collector is generally used for the dust removal of packaging machine.

The dust collecting air inlet in the packaging operation area shall be set to ensure that the operator is in the upwind direction of the dust source and has a certain negative pressure.

The transfer point of finished cement conveyor belt should be as smooth as possible.


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