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Safe use of coal mill in cement plant

Date:2019-06-26 16:41 Source:未知Views:

Currently, coal is the main fuel in the cement production process, and the coal needed in the cement production process needs the support of coal mill system.The coal mill system is prone to accidents in use. It is one of the key tasks to ensure the safe use of the coal mill system.

1. Potential safety risks in production

1.1 spontaneous combustion

The cement production process requires the use of large amounts of coal.And the use of coal is mostly in the form of pulverized coal.Pulverized coal needs to be prepared in advance and stored to eliminate the impact of coal supply supplement on cement production.During storage, combustion powder will be oxidized in contact with air, especially after a large amount of coal powder is accumulated, the oxidation reaction will be more intense.Oxidation reaction will continue to exothermic, if the exothermic process heat dissipation effect is not good, it will cause spontaneous combustion.

1.2 generate explosion

The coal used in cement production is very fine pulverized coal. When the dust collection in cement production workshop is not good, the coal will float in the air, and when the critical value is reached, oxidation reaction will occur, causing an explosion.In the safety management of cement plant, the coal mill should be operated in order to control the explosion.

2. Safety management of coal mill system

2.1 temperature control

The safety hidden danger of coal mill system in cement production mainly comes from spontaneous combustion and explosion, so the control of temperature should be paid attention to.In the operation of coal mill system, temperature control is helpful to reduce the reliability of coal mill system explosion or fire, so the temperature in production should be controlled.

2.2 strengthen management

It is necessary to realize the safety hidden danger of coal mill system and strengthen management according to the dangerous factors existing in production.Fuel storage to consider the environment, eliminate the presence of fire in the surrounding area.To ensure drying conditions, to the lowest temperature in the coal mill production, mill inlet area temperature control should be combined with volatile matter, to control as far as possible in a safe range.Ensure the reliability of explosion-proof valve, explosion-proof valve should be checked regularly to ensure the reliability of its function.

Cement production enterprises should strengthen the safety awareness, improve the safety management system, strengthen the process control of grinding coal production, reduce the possibility of safety accidents.


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