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Optimized efficiency of kaolin rotary kiln

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In order to optimize the process of kaolin rotary kiln, it is important not only to consider the process flow, but also to choose a reliable manufacturer. There are strict requirements on the reasonable spacing and inspection space of kaolin rotary kiln. The optimized efficiency effect of kaolin rotary kiln mainly includes the following points:

kaolin rotary kiln

1. Working principle of kaolin rotary kiln

(1) the kaolin rotary kiln operates at high temperature under heavy load alternating and slow speed. The maintenance of the attached equipment and the level of thermal system control are related to the safety and efficiency of the rotary kiln operation.

(2) the maintenance of transmission device focuses on lubrication, running state, dynamic detection and meshing accuracy of gears;

(3) the installation accuracy of the supporting device determines the safe and reliable operation of the rotary kiln. During operation, reasonable control should be paid to the distribution of bearing capacity of each supporting wheel, the arrangement of supporting wheel, the upper and lower pressure and time of the hydraulic retaining wheel, the stress of supporting wheel, and the gap between the belt and the backing plate.

kaolin rotary kiln

(4) the quality of the sealing device directly affects the thermal system and operating cost of the rotary kiln.It is beneficial to the management of the equipment to strengthen the collation and analysis of the daily maintenance data of the kaolin rotary kiln.

2. Optimization of kaolin rotary kiln

(1) in addition to the final supporting transportation equipment, the cylinder, hot air pipe and standard parts of the kaolin rotary kiln can be shortened, which can significantly reduce equipment investment and installation infrastructure costs, reduce pipelines and reduce system resistance.

kaolin rotary kiln

(2) some people worry that the air pipe at the end of the kiln of kaolin rotary kiln is inclined, and the horizontal movement is very dangerous, and the flue gas at the end of the kiln of kaolin rotary kiln is too high, causing great damage. However, the application example of kaolin rotary kiln shows that the preheater at the end of the kiln is inclined, so long as the body remains unchanged, the use situation is still good.

(3) due to the special relationship between the length of the kaolin rotary kiln and the diameter of the cylinder, the length and width of the factory area can be shortened moderately, and the input of cables and upper and lower pipelines can be further reduced.


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