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Jaw crusher stuck material solution

Date:2019-10-16 10:08 Source:cementepcViews:

In the working process of jaw crusher, sometimes there will be stuck material can not be ore, directly affect the subsequent production.So, what are the reasons for jaw crusher stuck?What is the solution of jaw crusher stuck material?

1. The material has high water content or high viscosity

In the working process of jaw crusher, if the water content of the ore is higher, into the crushing chamber, containing water after the material is broken into small pieces, will mutually adhesion together, block in the crushing chamber of the two jaw plate directly, resulting in material jam.Or the material mixed with more viscous dilute soil, so that the material is stuck into a block of broken cavity, the phenomenon of material jam.If this is done for a long time, not only will the production efficiency be affected, the material attached to the jaw will corrode the jaw and accelerate its wear.

Solution for material with large water content:

Before the material enters the jaw crusher, the material is screened and prepared for dehydration to reduce the moisture and viscosity of the material.Dehydration can choose natural air drying air drying, or choose the configuration of drying equipment.

jaw crusher

2. The feeding amount is too large

In the production process of jaw crusher, some operators in order to speed up the production schedule, increase the amount of feed, beyond the normal production capacity of jaw crusher, materials in the crushing chamber can not be broken in time, resulting in stuck materials.

Solutions to excessive feeding:

Professional training should be given to operators to make them familiar with the knowledge of jaw crusher, so as to achieve continuous and stable feeding and effectively reduce the occurrence of material jam.

3. Improper adjustment of discharge port

The occurrence of material stuck phenomenon may also be because the discharge port is too small, the broken material can not be discharged in time, a large number of piles in the broken cavity, resulting in stuck material.

Solutions to improper adjustment of discharge port:

Adjust the outlet of jaw crusher properly, increase the size of outlet, so that the crushed material can be discharged from the outlet smoothly.

jaw crusher

4. Do not know the parameters of jaw crusher

Before use, there is no first clear jaw crusher parameters, especially the requirements of material properties.Material does not meet the requirements of the production process of jaw crusher, after entering the crushing chamber, it can not reach the ideal crushing effect, resulting in a decrease in production efficiency, resulting in material stuck phenomenon.

Do not understand the jaw crusher parameters solution:

Before using the jaw crusher for production, it is necessary to make clear the parameters of the jaw crusher, especially the requirements of material properties.According to the related requirements of jaw crusher for materials (such as size, hardness, etc.), put suitable materials.

Stuck material is a very easy phenomenon in the production process of jaw crusher, but as long as the cause is found, it is easy to solve the problem according to the correct method.


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