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Jaw crusher overhaul, repair, repair need to pay attention to what details?

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The working environment of jaw crusher is bad, and various faults often occur in the process of operation. In order to ensure the stable operation of the equipment and improve the performance of the equipment, it is very important to do a good job in daily maintenance.Jaw crusher overhaul, repair, repair need to pay attention to what details?

1. Minor repair of jaw crusher

jaw crusher

Minor repair repair of the main content is to check and repair jaw crusher corresponding adjustment device, to a certain adjustment of row ore mouth gap, and then to replace has been worn lining board, plate of jaw crusher thrust to also want to do so, the processing of repair and replace the corresponding transmission component, for individual part of jaw crusher for cleaning, lubricating oil of mechanical overall besmear again, repair and adjust machinery lubrication system and so on.

General minor repair frequency is between half a month to a month, according to the overall operation of the machine to deal with.


2. Middle repair of jaw crusher

Medium repair not only includes jaw crusher minor repair of all items, and the pull rod, liner, bush, thrust plate and other wear structure should be replaced, for turning, grinding and casting eccentric bearing bush to a certain degree of inspection, there are some bearing bush such as connecting rod head bearing bush and power bearing bush should be corresponding treatment.

The interval time between repairs should also be determined according to the wear and tear of the jaw crusher as a whole. Under normal circumstances, it can meet the operation requirements of the machine once a year.

ja​w crusher

3. Overhaul of jaw crusher

The main contents of the overhaul include all the projects of the middle repair, replacement of the eccentric shaft of the jaw crusher, reinforcement of the babbitt alloy on the connecting rod head, replacement of all the worn parts and component structure, and even the realization of the entire jaw crusher and equipment technical innovation.

There is no specific time limit for the overhaul and it is based on the normal inspection level.

The main determinant of production efficiency is the small details in maintenance. Only by checking the details can we ensure stable production.


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