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Impact crusher's chain shedding solution

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Impact crusher is a kind of crushing equipment which can break materials by impact energy.When the material enters the action area of the plate hammer, it is broken by the high-speed impact of the plate hammer. In this process, if any material flies out of the inlet, it is very easy to cause safety accidents.Therefore, some manufacturers in the impact crusher feed mouth set a chain screen, in order to prevent the crushing process of stones flying out of the machine accident.However, after some counterattack is put into production, the chain curtain keeps falling off and breaking, which affects production.Impact crusher's chain shedding solution

1. Damage caused by chain shedding of impact crusher

impact crusher

The chain that falls off will move forward with the material between the plate hammer and the impact plate, which will severely hit the impact plate, accelerate the wear of the impact plate, and increase the production cost of the impact crusher.

2. The reason why the chain falls off

Impact crusher

(1) soft material.

If the quality of the impact crusher chain is soft, under the impact of a long time, serious wear, easy to break.

(2) the link interface is not strong.

The production process of the link is rough and the welding layer at the joint is very thin.

(3) the chain is too long.

The designer designs the chain too long for the partial pursuit of the chain curtain.If a large piece of material is broken, the link will easily become entangled with the material, and the force will be exerted along the direction of the material, and eventually the link will break off from the weak point.

3. Solutions

Impact crusher

(1) replace all chains.

Replace the chain with a material with stronger impact toughness and wear resistance to increase the strength of the chain itself.

(2) handle the chain

The chain after welding is tempered at 350℃ to eliminate the stress after welding, refine the microstructure and make the stress distribution of the link even without obvious weakness.

(3) shorten the length of the chain.

According to the impact crusher plate hammer impact plate Angle actual measurement, shorten the suspension height of the chain, in order to reduce the material on the chain clamping, avoid the chain is torn.

(4) connect the bottom of the chain in two

Contain each other, so when one of them is disconnected, the other is connected to the frame of the impact crusher, can not enter the crushing chamber, to avoid accidents.

The above is the possible cause of the chain curtain chain fall off the impact crusher and the solution, if you have any questions or problems, you can leave a message with us online


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