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How to solve the sticky phenomenon of wet ball mill?

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Ball mill can be used dry and wet grinding processing, two ways of wet milling is known as the wet ball mill, the adoption of humidifying grinding in the form of two reasons, one is that some of the material itself is not suitable for excessive drying, humidification for grinding anyway can promote efficiency more, after the second, grinding ore is helpful to increase friction, enhance the grinding efficiency of ball mill.Since it is water grinding, such as treatment is not good, it is easy to appear material bonding ball mill inner wall phenomenon, greatly affect the grinding effect, so how to solve the wet ball mill viscosity phenomenon?

1. Control the amount of water reasonably

Wet ball mill grinding process, the amount of water to add appropriate, such as excessive water, easy to appear bonding phenomenon, to avoid this phenomenon, need to according to the material, ball mill grinding medium quality and the size of the mill bin reasonable to determine the amount of water.Too much water is also an important reason to cause material viscosity grinding, so, in the ball mill when this problem occurs, first look at the amount of ore, water, return sand, overflow size is normal, according to these indicators to determine the amount of water.

wet ball mill

2. Increase the amount of grinding medium

Adjusting ball mill grinding medium quality and add water actually is in regulating the concentration of the pulp, pulp density is must be strictly controlled, helps to reduce glue ball mill grinding phenomenon, too big or too small will produce adverse effect, when the pulp density is too large, materials and grinding media flows slowly, steel ball impact for mineral aggregate effect will decrease greatly, and short of ball mill grinding requirements, when the pulp density through the hours, prone to caking phenomenon, but also is unlikely to completely avoid, can only try to reduce the influence.

wet ball mill

3. Add grinding aid

To enhance ball mill grinding efficiency, can add a certain amount of surfactants in pulp, referred to as grinding aid, belongs to a chemical adsorption in the cracks of mineral particles, the cohesion between the cracks can be greatly reduced by mineral split action, improve grinding efficiency, when there is sticky in the operation of the wet ball mill grinding phenomenon, should consider to increase grinding aid.

wet ball mill

4. Check lining grooves

In the operation of the wet ball mill, the role of the lining board is to mine materials produce reverse impact effect, make the second grinded ore material to produce, when there's similar plate groove fracture, is missing, the phenomenon such as surface degradation, ore material is easy to bond in the above, therefore, require users to periodically check the usage of ball mill liner, avoid unnecessary problems.

The improvement of ore grade needs the help of wet ball mill. At present, wet ball mill can pulverize quartz stone, gypsum, manganese ore, fluorite ore, slime, slag, slag, quartz sand, bauxite and other minerals, with good effect, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.If you have any need, please leave a message to us.


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