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How to reduce cement grinding after using ceramic grinding body to reduce the range of production

Date:2019-07-16 09:29 Source:未知Views:

In the domestic ball mill cement grinding system, due to the difference of clinker, mixture and other materials, as well as the diversity of cement production, equipment configuration of process production line, workers' technical level is different, the output of the same ball mill is very different.Recently, people often hear, many cement companies use ceramic grinding body, will appear "production" phenomenon.Many firms are said to be "increasing production" rather than cutting back.This is not surprising, since these companies' "starting points" before applying ceramic grinders are different.

With Φ 4.2 x 13 m cement ball mill as an example, PO42.5 cement can be produced in the same way.High unit time output can reach 280 tons/hour, while low unit time output is only about 170 tons/hour.Generally speaking, if the output of cement ball mill reaches the national average level, the use of ceramic crusher after the "reduction" phenomenon, the range is less than 10%, this is normal.As long as we sum up our experience carefully and take necessary technical measures, we can certainly reduce the scope of production gradually.

How does cement ball mill use ceramic abrasive to "reduce" amplitude?We can use ' 'energy conversion distribution' as a starting point.The working process of the cement ball mill is basically the process of converting electrical energy into mechanical energy. The grinding body is used to crush the material from large pieces into small pieces and the coarse powder into fine particles.In this process, the working mechanical energy is also a process of impact work, friction work and transfer distribution.In the coarse-grained particle stage, frictional work is required as the main form.Analyze the ball according to the mass and size of the grinding body.The impact work is stronger than the ball, and the friction work of ceramic grinding body is better than that of metal grinding body.The production process of ball mill is the process of energy conversion and reasonable distribution.Therefore, after the replacement of the grinding body, as long as it is "reassigned and reason," so, after the replacement of the grinding body, as long as "reassigned and reasonable", can achieve a new grinding balance, and can reduce the scope of "reduced production".

In the process of cement grinding, it is necessary to conduct friction processing to convert coarse granular materials into fine granular materials, and the friction work is divided into rolling friction work and sliding friction work.The results show that the sliding friction efficiency of the same size ceramic mill is slightly better than that of the metal mill.Therefore, ceramic grinding body can play a better role in grinding cement products.Compared with steel ball and steel forging, when the loading capacity is the same, the number of ceramic grinders is large, the specific surface area is large, and the contact area and opportunity are more, which is beneficial to improve the grinding performance.Efficiency.This helps to reduce the use of ceramic grinders in cement ball mills.The scope of "production cuts" is very favourable and should be given full play.

Specific measures to avoid reducing the production of cement ball mill can be referred to as follows:

1. Strive for pre-grinding roller press and V selection system to provide more fine-grained feed grinding materials.

2. Change the sliding tube feeding mode to spiral feeding mode, shorten the length of "empty material area" of grinding head, and improve the utilization rate of stock bin.

3. Adjust the position of the clapboard to ensure that the warehouse length exceeds 3.5 meters.

4. The particle size of the material to be grinded is smaller than that of the square hole sieve whose particle size is less than 0.08mm.

5. The trapezoidal gasket of the grinding machine warehouse is replaced by the mid-wave gasket. The movement form of the grinding body changes from the descending state to the inclined state, and the working form of the grinding body changes.

6. The maximum ball diameter of steel balls in the first warehouse is less than 50mm, the average ball diameter is 25× 31mm, the filling rate is more than 34%, and the best range is 37% ≤ 39%.

7. The maximum ball diameter of ceramic grinding body in the second bin is less than 25mm, the average ball diameter is 15≤ 20mm, and the filling rate range is 40% ≤ 42%.

Shaped ceramic abrasives (short column and capsule) have better abrasiveness than spherical abrasives, but wear is greater than spherical abrasives.


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