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How to purchase the high efficiency and energy saving jaw crusher?

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"High efficiency" and "energy saving" are the production goals pursued by crushing equipment manufacturers, which are more in line with the development of modern cement equipment.Aiming at the defects of high energy consumption and low efficiency of the traditional jaw crusher, the high-efficiency and energy-saving jaw crusher has become an energy-saving and high-efficiency jaw crusher after innovation and transformation on the basis of the traditional jaw crusher.

1. Introduction to the structure of energy saving and efficient jaw crusher

Energy efficient jaw crusher is composed of frame, fixed jaw plate, movable jaw and movable jaw plate, side guard plate, flywheel, eccentric shaft, belt wheel and two bearing seats, bracket plate seat and adjusting device, bracket plate, spring tensioning mechanism.

jaw crusher

2. High efficiency and energy saving jaw crusher purchase advantages


The focus of efficient and energy-saving jaw crusher is "efficient" and "energy-saving", but also has a series of "intelligent, flexible, saving money" and other auxiliary highlights, comprehensive introduction is as follows:

(1) the machine can break stone by simulating the chewing function of animals. On the basis of the old equipment, the width of the feed mouth can be increased, more stone can be broken at one time, and the crushing capacity can be increased by 40%-50%;

(2) the consummation of "chewing" function further optimizes the finished stone granule type, and can reduce the wear of parts and extend the service life of the equipment;

(3) the crusher works, energy saving is the key, choose efficient motor, kinetic energy into more adequate, improve efficiency, reduce energy consumption;

(4) small size, small land area and flexible operation are the basic advantages of the equipment, which can save users' purchase funds.


3. Is the price of energy saving and efficient jaw crusher expensive

Energy-efficient jaw crusher compared with the traditional jaw crusher more energy-saving, environmental protection, crushing efficiency is higher, so the price of the equipment is very right, about efficient jaw crusher price this problem, because there is no unified standard of pricing, market by the manufacturer, area, equipment models, the influence of such factors as is different so the price of the equipment.

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